4 Best RV Roller Shades Worth Your Money (2024)

By Forrest McCall | Last Updated: May 16, 2024 

Selecting the right RV roller shades can greatly enhance your comfort and privacy on the road. These shades are not only functional, blocking out unwanted sunlight and providing insulation, but they also add an aesthetic touch to your mobile space.

I've tested several shades to help you find the best ones. Here are the best RV roller shades worth your money!

In a hurry? The best RV roller shades are the NUTRO CHILL Roller Shades. They're great at blocking light and they're reasonably priced.

Top RV Roller Shades

1. NUTRO CHILL Roller Shades – #1 Best Overall

NUTRO CHILL Roller Shades for Windows, RV Roller Shades Thermal Insulated Fabric Roller Window…
  • 【Product Detail]】The total size of the roller blind is 73” X 68”. The fabric size is 72” X 68”. The fabric width is 1” narrower than total width….
  • 【100% Blackout and Reduce Noise】 NUTRO CHILL roller shades can block 100% light. and it's energy saving to insulate against heat and cold. Thick and…
  • 【⭐How to Choose Right Size】 Inside Mount: Select the appropriate size of the window or slightly smaller than the window size. Outside mount is 100%…

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If you're seeking uninterrupted sleep during your travels, these RV roller shades are a superb solution for achieving darkness and tranquility.


  • Ensures complete darkness for a sound sleep
  • Reduces noise, which is ideal for light sleepers
  • Maintenance is a breeze with just a dry cloth


  • Requires precise measurement before ordering
  • Installation might be tricky in some RVs
  • Packaging could be improved for better product protection

Transforming your RV into a restful haven is effortless with the NUTRO CHILL Roller Shades. Not only do they block out light entirely, but they also help in insulating your space from the elements. Deeper sleep is more achievable now, thanks to these shades' ability to dampen outside noise.

Although they're easy to clean and energy-efficient, make sure you measure your windows accurately to avoid sizing issues. Installation might take a bit of effort depending on your vehicle, but once mounted, they blend seamlessly with the interior while offering practical benefits.

2. RecPro RV Roller Shades

RecPro Black RV Roller Shades Blackout Window Cover for Camper and RV Blinds (32″ W x 24″ H)
  • When measuring width, please note that the measurement is the overall measurement of the shade, from knob to knob NOT the fabric.
  • If returned Items are due to the customer ordering the wrong size, style, or color, they are automatically subject to a 10% restocking fee unless otherwise…
  • The 4-ply linen blackout used in our night roller shades is ideal for keeping out light and prying eyes when you’re at the campground.

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If you're looking to achieve complete darkness in your RV, you may find the RecPro Black RV Roller Shades to be just what you need.


  • Effective 4-ply linen blackout material keeps the interior dark
  • Simple installation process
  • Sleek design complements your RV aesthetic


  • 10% restocking fee applicable on returns for incorrect orders
  • Not water-resistant
  • Manual operation may not suit everyone's preferences

The RecPro shades have recently earned a spot in my RV, where they block out the external lights masterfully, creating a private haven. The shades' material quality is apparent, and they contribute to a peaceful interior, basking in their solidity and clean appearance.

Installation was more intuitive than I expected. Armed only with basic tools, I managed to get the shades up without any hitches. They integrated well with the existing decor of the RV, upgrading the overall look.

There's a manual essence to the operation that requires your touch, but this tactile interaction ensures stay-put positioning and a satisfying retraction after use. Just remember to measure your space carefully before ordering to avoid the inconvenience of a restocking fee in case of a sizing error.

3. Camper Comfort RV Shade

Camper Comfort Black 32′ W x 24′ L RV/Camper Roller Night Shade, 4-ply Blackout Linen Embossed…
  • Smooth retraction: Hydraulic speed reduction for smooth operation and automatic stopping points
  • 4-ply blackout linen embossed vinyl
  • UV resistant

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Enhance your RV's comfort and privacy with this Camper Comfort Blackout Shade, crafted for a serene interior experience.


  • Hydraulic system allows for smooth and quiet operation
  • Effective blackout material ensures total darkness when needed
  • Hardy vinyl material resists UV light, prolonging the shade's life


  • Some units may emit an initial factory odor
  • Variations in manufacturing may lead to inconsistency in accessory fits
  • Not water-resistant, so care should be taken in humid environments

Upon installing the Camper Comfort RV Shade, its smooth retraction mechanism impressed me; there was no noise or resistance. It's reassuring to see it glide seamlessly into place with the hydraulic speed reduction feature. When the sun set and it was time for some privacy, the 4-ply blackout vinyl did its job perfectly, not allowing any streetlight to creep in, which contributed to a restful night's sleep inside the RV. Although the shade's installation is straightforward, with all hardware included, I did note that it could benefit from better water resistance. Overall, it's a cost-effective solution to improve your RV's ambience and privacy.

4. RED GRAPES Light Grey Blackout Roller Shade

RED GRAPES Roller Window Shades,100% Blackout UV Protection Roller Blinds,Window Blind with…
  • [Product Dimension]Blind size: 26’’W x 72’’H, fabric size: 24.6’’W x 72’’H, color: Light Grey(The main color is light gray, with beige…
  • [New upgraded material] -100% polyester fabric, 100% shading backing, with good air permeability. New upgraded flax texture shading roll curtain….
  • [Classic design and safety] Equipped with metal chain and aluminum bottom rod. Bottom rod more fit fabric, windproof, good texture. To ensure the safety of…

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You'll appreciate the serene ambiance this roller shade creates, effectively blocking out unwanted light and providing privacy.


  • 100% blackout feature enhances sleep quality
  • Easy maintenance with dust resistance
  • Includes safety features for peace of mind


  • Brackets can be tricky during installation
  • Chain may require an adapter for length adjustment
  • Light may peek through sides if not measured precisely

With practicality in mind, the RED GRAPES roller shade fits impeccably within your RV, transforming your space into one of tranquility. Its high-quality fabric ensures that light is kept at bay, fostering an environment suitable for rest at any time of day. The upgraded material compliments the interior with a modern touch while making maintenance a breeze—simply a wipe or dusting is all that's needed.

Installing the metal chain and aluminum bottom rod adds a sense of sturdiness with minimal sway, and the shade rolls down effortlessly with a quiet grace. Safety isn't overlooked; provided anchors keep the chain secured and out of the reach of little ones.

Function meets elegance with this shade. Once up, the difference is noticeable not only in the degree of restfulness you achieve but also in the room’s overall temperature, as it helps insulate against external heat and cold. This product genuinely enhances your living space, making it a reliable option for your RV.

Buying Guide

Choosing the Right Material

Your RV roller shades will be exposed to sunlight and wear over time, so it's important to select a durable material. Options include:

  • Solar Shades: Reduce glare and heat without obstructing the view.
  • Blackout Shades: Provide complete privacy and darkness.

Mechanism Types

Consider the operation mechanism that best suits your needs:

  • Manual Shades: Operated with a chain or pull-cord, these are cost-effective.
  • Motorized Shades: Offer convenience with a push of a button, ideal for hard-to-reach windows.

Size and Fit

Accurate measurements are critical for a proper fit. Ensure you measure:

  • Width: Inside the window frame from side to side.
  • Height: Top to bottom of the window frame.

Features to Look For

When comparing shades, keep these features in mind:

  • UV Protection: To safeguard your RV's interior.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Prefer shades that require minimal maintenance.

Installation Process

Choose a product with a straightforward installation process. Verify if:

  • Hardware Included: All necessary components should come with your purchase.
  • Installation Guide: Clear instructions facilitate a smoother setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I replace parts on my RV roller shades?

To replace parts on your RV roller shades, identify the broken component, order a replacement part from the manufacturer, and carefully follow their installation guide to ensure proper functionality.

What steps are involved in troubleshooting MCD roller shades?

Troubleshooting MCD roller shades typically involves ensuring cleanliness, checking the tension adjustment, and inspecting for any obstructions or damage to the shade mechanism.

How do you adjust roller shades in a Forest River RV?

Adjust roller shades in a Forest River RV by accessing the tension adjustment screw on the shade's tube. Turn the screw to the desired tension, allowing the shades to roll up or extend smoothly.

What are the differences between RV day night and dual roller shades?

RV day-night shades offer a two-layer design, providing a sheer shade for daylight privacy and a blackout shade for night. Dual roller shades combine both functionalities into a single mechanism.

What factors should I consider when repairing MCD roller shades?

When repairing MCD roller shades, consider the type of damage, availability of parts, warranty terms, and whether professional assistance might be more cost-effective than a DIY approach.

Are roller shades or honeycomb shades more suitable for RVs?

Roller shades are often preferred for RVs due to their simplicity, ease of use, and durability, while honeycomb shades provide superior insulation but may require more maintenance. Choose based on your specific needs and RV conditions.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the best RV roller shades are the NUTRO CHILL Roller Shades. They're great at blocking light and they're reasonably priced.

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