10 Best RV Shows You Absolutely Can’t Miss

By Carrie Wilder | Last Updated: June 14, 2024 

The best RV shows are a combination of new RVs, educational seminars, meet-and-greets, vendor booths, and more. 

While there are dozens of RV shows around the US throughout the year, there are only a select few that qualify as the “best”. 

If you’re looking for the absolute best RV shows for each region throughout the year, you’ll find them here. 

Let’s get into it.

What is an RV Show? 

An RV show is a huge exhibition of RVs, RV accessories, and RV based businesses like campgrounds, services, and more. 

RV shows are typically multi-day events held at places like convention centers or fairgrounds. These shows are held in different places around the US. And, some RV shows are bigger and better than others. 

Regardless of size, RV shows are a great place to see the latest and greatest in RVing, RV technology and accessories, and so much more. 

You’ll find every kind of camper imaginable at an RV show. From Class A motorhomes, diesel pushers, class C RVs, class B RVs, travel trailers, fifth wheels, pop ups, and more. 

Benefits of Attending an RV Show (Plus What to Expect)

What exactly can you expect at an RV show? The answer: A LOT. 

The best RV shows are so much more than just new RVs for sale. They’re a place to tour RVs and connect with manufacturers on a personal level. 

You can also tour the booths and shopping area to find new RV related businesses like campgrounds, services, and much more. 

In addition, the RV prices at an RV show are lower than you will get anywhere else. This is called “RV show pricing” – and if you want a new RV, you’ll be hard-pressed to get a better deal than at a show. 

The prices at an RV show are lower than you'll find anywhere else.

Finally, RV shows are a great place to meet other people who love the lifestyle and to get education, too. 

Many RV shows have meet-and-greets, educational seminars, food, and much more. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of why RV shows are great, even if you’re not ready to buy. 

  • Tour many different types of RVs. 
  • Chat with dealers and manufacturers. 
  • Attend seminars and meet-and-greets. 
  • Connect with the best RV based services and businesses like campgrounds, gear and accessories, Resorts, tourism businesses, parts, and more. 
  • Connect with the RV community. 
  • Want a new RV? Get the lowest pricing of the year.
  • They’re so much fun!

10 Best RV Shows You Don’t Want to Miss

I personally love attending RV shows even when I’m not in the market for an RV. 

I'm truly just obsessed with RVs and the RV lifestyle. Plus, it's great seeing all the new rigs, gear, tech, and innovation. Also, I love the meet-ups and seminars! 

Here are 10 of the best RV shows in the US that you don’t want to miss! Most shows are held annually, although some are held multiple times throughout the year.

1: Florida RV SuperShow

The Florida RV SuperShow, also called the Tampa RV Show, is one of the most popular and largest RV shows in the United States. 

Held in January at the Florida State Fairgrounds, this mega-RV show attracts RVers from every corner of the United States for multiple days of RV tours, meet-and-greets, RV gear and accessories, and more. 

This RV show also draws a LOT of RV content creators. So if you attend you might even see some of your favorite RV YouTubers and bloggers. 

2: Quartzsite RV, Sports, & Vacation Show

The Quartzsite RV, Sports, & Vacation Show is one of the biggest RV shows in the United States. 

This show, also referred to as the “big tent show”, is another show that draws RVers from every corner of the country (and further). 

This sleepy little town draws in upwards of 1 million RVers every winter. And many of them attend the RV, Sports, & Vacation Show.

This RV show features tons of RV manufacturers and hundreds of vendors in the booth exhibit halls including:

  • Workamping job opportunities
  • RVer mail services
  • RV Gear and accessories
  • Towing and Travel Trailer gear and accessories
  • Campgrounds, Resorts, and Tourism
  • Every RV club you can imagine
  • And so much more. 

This show attracts everything even remotely related to RVing under the sun. If you’ve heard of it, it’ll be here… and then some.

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3: Hershey RV Show – America’s Largest RV Show

The Hershey RV show in Pennsylvania calls themselves the largest RV show in the United States. 

Held at Giant Center in Hershey, PA, this RV show boasts over 1,300 RVs from 30+ RV manufacturers and so much more. 

This show is huge, no doubt: it covers over a MILLION square feet. Be sure to bring your FitBit… that’s a LOT of walking. 

If you plan to attend this show, don’t try to see everything in one day. Arrive early, pace yourself, take plenty of breaks, and remember to eat and drink!

Attending educational seminars is a great way to learn more about the RV and RV lifestyle while giving your feet and body a break from exploring.

4: Chicago RV Camping Show

The Chicago RV Camping show is held in mid to late February at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. 

This RV show is centrally located for those in the midwest. Although it’s not the biggest RV show, it’s still great. 

This show has hundreds of the latest RV models from dozens of dealers around the midwest area and several campground related booth displays, RV gear and accessories, and more. 

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5: Midwest RV SuperShow

The Midwest RV SuperShow is held at the iconic RV/MH Hall of Fame in the RV Capital, Elkhart Indiana. 

This RV Show covers a 22k sq ft pavilion and features hundreds of brand new RVs, right next to the RV/MH museum. 

At the Midwest RV Super show, you can tour the latest and greatest in new RV models and then head inside the RV/MH Hall of Fame for a trip down the RV memory lane. Inside, you can see antique RVs all the way back to a model from 1913. 

A major benefit of buying from this RV show is that your new RV was made and built right in Elkhart – and that savings will pass on to show pricing too!

6: Tampa Bay Summer RV Show

The Tampa Bay Summer RV Show is held at the Florida State Fairgrounds, the same place as the Florida RV SuperShow. 

But this one is held in mid June – peak summertime in Florida. You can expect less crowds – attendance for this show is typically a quarter or less of the amount of attendees of the January show. 

But if you’re looking for a great Florida RV camping show without paying winter campground prices, battling the crowds and traffic, etc – then the summer show is a great choice. 

You can tour RVs from a handful of local dealers and RV exhibitors as well as tour vendor booths for RV supplies and services, and more.

7: Portland Fall RV and Van Show

The Portland Fall RV Show held in Portland OR in September is the peak Pacific Northwest RV show. 

In fact, no other show in the region holds so many recreational vehicles, vans, and vendor booths all under one roof. It’s also one of the best shows on the West Coast in general.

Whether you want to just tour RVs, learn more about your favorite brands or dealers, or get the best deal on a brand new RV – this is the best RV show in the Pacific Northwest. 

8: Southwest RV SuperShow

The Southwest RV Super Show is arguably one of the best Texas RV shows. 

North Texas has tons of RV dealers and they’re all on display at this RV show. With over 500 RVs on display, this is one of the largest – if not THE largest RV shows in the region. 

You’ll also find plenty of RV accessories vendor booths, RV educational seminars, and much more. Expect to see booths for your favorite RV clubs, campgrounds, and resorts, too. 

Educational seminars at this show are taught by leading RV industry experts like Terry Cooper from National RV Training Academy, Tim Armstrong from RV Driving School, Jim Koca from Escapees RV Club’s RVer Boot Camp, and much more. 

9: Sand, Water, & RV Expo

This is a smaller RV show that has a focus on motorsports, too, but it’s still a great show if you’re in the Lake Havasu area in the fall. 

The Sand, Water, and RV Expo is held at Lake Havasu State Park in Arizona in mid-November. 

This expo has a focus on all things outdoor recreation. You’ll find off-road vehicles, RVs, boats and paddleboards, camping gear, fishing, and much more. 

If you love RVing, overlanding, and off-roading, you can’t miss this expo. 

10: South Texas RV Super Sale

The South Texas RV Super Sale is the biggest RV show in South Texas. This RV camping show is held in San Antonio, Texas. 

It features over 300 RVs from several Texas RV dealers, as well as dozens of vendor booths for camping supplies and accessories, and seminars, too. 

While this isn’t one of the biggest RV shows held during the month of January, it’s a great show to attend if you’re near or planning to be in the San Antonio area. 

Best RV Shows FAQ

Are you looking for the biggest and best rv shows in the US? Here are the answers to some common FAQ. 

What is the Best RV Show in the US? 

The best RV show out of all the RV shows in the US is a tie between the Florida RV Super Show, the Quartzsite RV Show, and the Hershey RV Show. 

Each of these RV shows are held at different times and have different appeals, but if you have to choose one – any of these are a great choice! 

You’ll find a huge selection of RVs from RV exhibitors around the US. In addition, there are tons of vendor booths including accessories, workamping jobs, and so much more. 

What is the Largest RV Show in the US? 

The largest RV show seems to be a near tie between the Hershey RV Show and the Florida RV Super Show. The Hershey Show holds between 1,300 – 1,500 RVs on 1 million sq feet of space, and the Florida RV Super Show holds between 1,300 – 1,500 RVs on 1.2 million sq feet of space. Attendance for the Hershey show in 2021 was 61,320, and for the Florida RV show was around 60,000.


RV shows hold the latest RV models in every class from travel trailers to fifth wheels, class A, B, C, and more. 

No matter what kind of RV you’re interested in, you’ll be able to tour all types at a show. 

RV shows are a great place to get your feet wet in the world of RVing or find a great deal on your first (or next) RV purchase. 

Carrie Wilder

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