15 Best Van Conversion Companies

By Carrie Wilder | Last Updated: March 15, 2024 

15 Best Van Conversion Companies

With vanlife becoming more and more popular every year, we are seeing tons of van conversion companies popping up!

So how do you know which ones are the best? Today we're diving into the 15 best van conversion companies for 2021 – some new, some tried and true! Let's get into it!

Things to Consider Before Selecting A Van Conversion Company

Image Source: Boho.life

When selecting a van conversion company to complete your build, there are several things to consider.

Each van conversion company is different. Not only in price and design, but also in the way they do business in general. Here are the top things to consider (and ask about) before selecting any of these van conversion companies.

  1. Price. Obviously, the first is the price. What is the total price of the build and van?
  2. Financing. Do they offer in-house financing? Do they work with other companies for financing? If you don't plan to pay all at once, this is an important consideration.
  3. Turnaround Time. Are you on a strict time-budget? Some van conversion companies can be backed up for months. And then the build itself will take several weeks, too!
  4. Van Sourcing. Do they provide the van, or will they work on any van you bring them? Also, do they get discounts on vans they source? Do they have to be new or can they be used?
    Van Type. Are they limited on what van options you can choose, or will they work with any van type?
  5. Custom Work. Do they work off of pre-made templates for the van build, or is there customization allowed?
  6. Electric and Solar. Do they do the build only, or will they wire your van for electric and solar too?
  7. Near You. Are any of these van conversion companies near you?
  8. Shipping. Do they offer shipping if they are not local?
  9. Warranty. Do they offer warranties? If so, what do they cover and what are the term lengths?

Pros of Purchasing Through a Van Conversion Company

Image Source: Boho.life

I am currently in the middle of my own DIY van conversion. So, I can think of about a million pros of having someone else do it for me! Building a van is HARD WORK. Here are some pros:

  • Someone else is doing the hard work for you.
  • Custom van builds have fixed prices – no hidden fees.
  • Build quality will be top notch – these are professionals!
  • Warranties… You don't get those when you DIY!
  • Easier to insure. Insurance companies will be more likely to insure your van as an RV if the conversion was done professionally.
  • Resale value. These things hold amazing resale value!

Cons of Van Conversion Companies

Image Source: Boho.life

In my opinion, there are less cons than pros. But, these cons might outweigh all the pros of having your van build by someone else. Here they are:

  • Price! You will pay exponentially more for a custom conversion than DIY-ing it. But if money is not an issue, go for it! The convenience (and quality) is totally worth the cost.
  • Long wait times. Depending on the company you choose, you could be waiting a couple months or longer to get your hands on your sweet, sweet campervan.

Sprinter Van Conversion Companies

Although companies on this list convert many different kinds of vans, some of them only do Sprinter van conversions. Sprinter vans are some of the most popular campervans on the road today and offer enough floorspace for many different van conversion layouts. If you're looking for the best Sprinter van conversion companies, you won't be disappointed with this list!

Best Van Conversion Companies

There are hundreds of van conversion companies out there. From DIY van-lifers who loved the process of conversions so much that they started their own businesses, to companies who have been in the biz forever! We can't include them all here, but here are some of the very best.

Boho Camper Vans

Image Source: Boho.life

Boho Camper Vans is a van conversion and campervan rental company that was featured on the TV show Shark Tank.

This company builds seriously beautiful camper vans. Don't want to buy? Rent from them!

About Boho Camper Vans:

  • Location: Tempe, Arizona
  • Van Type: Ram 2500 High Roof 159″ Wheelbase
  • Build Cost: Conversion Price: $36.5k Van Price: $24k to $40k depending
  • Build Time: About 6 weeks for completion once the build begins

The Vansmith Campervan Conversion Company

Image Source: The Vansmith

The Vansmith is a custom campervan conversion company offering 3 different van conversion models for any budget. This company does not source vans for you, you can bring your own! This can greatly cut down on total project costs. With this van conversion company, you can choose a custom layout or one of their template designs.

Vansmith is known for creating super cozy, organic, and warm aesthetics in an ultra-functional van for vanlife.

Vansmith Deets:

  • Location: Boulder, Colorado
  • Van Type: Any, but preferably a high-roof like a Promaster or Sprinter
  • Build Cost: Conversion Price: Lowest priced option is $25k
  • Build Time: Backlog is 3-4 months, build time is about 5-8 weeks once they begin

Vanlife Customs

All of a sudden I NEED a purple van. Source: Vanlife Customs

Vanlife Customs builds custom adventure vans for any kind of adventure lifestyle. This company was born out of a love for living the van life – and they employ van dwellers! Their business has grown organically through word of mouth, and it's not hard to see why.

This campervan conversion company is known for their aesthetically pleasing and super functional build quality. Just looking through their gallery will have you drooling.

Vanlife Customs Details:

  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Van Type: High Roof Promaster, Sprinter, or Transit
  • Build Cost: Conversion Price: Average price anywhere from $60-$80k for the conversion only
  • Build Time: Build time is 8-12 weeks, builds are scheduled about 6 months out


Classic Sportsmobile 4×4. Image Source: Sportsmobile

Sportsmobile is an OG in the campervan conversion company game. They've been in business since 1961! With a reputation like that, you know you're getting a truly quality product. Sportsmobile is perhaps most popular for their van pop-tops. You can get a Sportsmobile top installed on your van even if you don't have them convert it!

This conversion company will do full or partial conversions. They have the skill and suppliers to handle just about anything you could want. This company also delivers – making them a great choice for anyone in the US.

Since Sportsmobile is a large business, you have the option of purchasing pre-built vans and pre-owned vans. So you don't have to wait to get a custom van done if you're ready to hit the road now!

Sportsmobile also has financing. Depending on your credit, you can get the cost of the van 100% financed and the price of the conversion 50% financed.

Sportsmobile Van Deets:

  • Location: Huntington, Indiana and Austin, Texas
  • Van Type: Sprinter, Transit, Promaster, Ford Econoline and Chevy Express vans
  • Build Cost: Conversion Price: Starting at around $30k, here is their pricing page
  • Build Time: Varies

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Colorado Camper Van

Image Source: Colorado Camper Van

Another one of the campervan conversion companies based in Colorado – Colorado Camper Vans has been creating custom vans since 2009. This company creates different van build outs for different lifestyles and budgets. They also offer pop-tops for low-roof vans!

Colorado Camper Vans offers varying templates and levels of build-outs for any budget. Or, you can have a custom build done by them. Lots of options!

Colorado Camper Van Details:

  • Location: Loveland, Colorado
  • Van Type: Sprinter, Transit, Promaster, Ford Econoline and Chevy Express vans
  • Build Cost: Conversion Price Starting at around $13k for their bare bones base camp model
  • Build Time: Varies

El Kapitan Van Conversion Company

El Kapitan Van Conversion Company has been in business for the last 3 decades. If you're looking for luxury on wheels, this is it!

El Kapitan builds on the Mercedes Sprinter vans and the details and luxury in their builds is astonishing. Just have a look at their gallery here.

They currently offer two different floor plans. Story Maker is for the Sprinter 144″ wheelbase. Dream Weaver is for the Sprinter 170″ wheel base. If you get the Dream Weaver – you can have a shower!

El Kapitan Van Conversion Deets:

  • Location: Huntington Beach, California
  • Van Type: Mercedes Sprinter 144 or 170
  • Build Cost: Vans starting at $152k
  • Build Time: 8-12 weeks

Tommy Camper Vans

Image Source: Tommy Camper Vans

Tommy Camper Vans builds custom campervans and adventure trucks. These van builds are seriously cozy! This company will build on many different vans – which opens up a world of possibilities. It's not often you see a company who will build on low-roof vans, but Tommy Camper Vans does.

Similar to Boho Camper Vans, Tommy Camper Vans will soon be offering rentals, too. It's always best to try it before you buy it!

Tommy Camper Vans Details:

  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Van Type: Promaster, Sprinter, Econoline, Transit
  • Build Cost: Interior build starts at just $19k for standard features
  • Build Time: Varies

VanDoIt Van Conversion Company

VanDoIt isn't what you might think of when you're thinking of van conversion companies. And that might be a good thing!

Instead of building permanent, fixed van-builds, they build modular campervans.

So what is a modular campervan? Modular vans are totally customizable. You can move around the interior components as you need to.

VanDoIt really set themselves apart from just about any van building company out there. They are passionate about what they are building and about passing savings on to customers. Their vans are truly built to be lived in.

These vans might not be as aesthetically pleasing without the warm cabin vibes, but they do it for a reason. Using aluminum instead of wood is lighter and more versatile. Using vinyl for the floors makes the vans last longer. I could go on and on!

VanDoIt Deets:

  • Location: Blue Springs, Missouri
  • Van Type: Ford Transit 148″
  • Build Cost: $48k – $108k
  • Build Time: Varies


Image Source: Contravans

If you love the minimal look, you'll really love Contravans. Another of the van conversion companies located in Colorado, Contravans are a great budget option. You can get a minivan built out, a low roof van, or high roof! Contravans creates custom builds for many different types of vans.

This is the first conversion company on this list who builds minivans, you definitely need to check them out.

Contravans builds are minimal and functional – which is all you need when you're living on the road!

Contravans Build Details

  • Location: Arvada, Colorado
  • Van Type: From minivans to box trucks to Econoline, Sprinter, Transit, Chevy Astro, and more
  • Build Cost: Varies, starts at around $6k
  • Build Time: Varies, at longest between 3-8 weeks

TouRig Camper Van Conversion Company

Image Source: TouRig

TouRig builds high-performance adventure vans. And these vans look slick! TouRig builds on Sprinters and Transits and are known for their rugged versatility.

These vans are for serious adventurers – those who not only work hard, but play hard. TouRig vans are great overlanding rigs!

TouRig Deets:

  • Location: Golden, Colorado
  • Van Type: Sprinters and Transits
  • Build Cost: Varies – contact for info
  • Build Time: 4-12 weeks

Outside Van

Image Source: Outside Van

Outside Van builds totally customizable 4 season adventure vehicles. These awesome vans are truly built to be lived in.

You can buy pre-made vans or have a totally custom one built – it's up to you!

Outside Vans are built with outdoor enthusiasts in mind – so there's always plenty of space to store your gear.

Outside Van Details:

  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Van Type: Sprinters
  • Build Cost: $125k not including the Chassis
  • Build Time: 4-5 months

Recon Campers

Yup, that's Steve-o from Jackass. No wonder there's such a long wait list for these things!

Recon Campers make minimalist campers in Nissan NV200 compact cargo vans. These vans look similar to mini-vans, so you can take them anywhere.

Recon campers have a pop-top and everything you need to do vanlife in comfort. These minimalist vans will never cost more than $60k – that includes the van AND the build!

Recon Campers Details:

  • Location: Marina Del Ray, California
  • Van Type: Nissan NV200
  • Build Cost: From $6,000 to $28k
  • Build Time: 1-2 year waitlist

Beartooth Van Works Camper Van Conversion Company

Beartooth Van Works makes custom van conversions for many different lifestyles. This company makes beautiful and functional conversions that are totally bespoke. No two conversions are alike!

These vans fit everything you need for life on the road: sleeping, cooking, bathroom, and more.

Beartooth Van Works Deets:

  • Location: Bozeman, Montana
  • Van Type: Mercedes Sprinter Van
  • Build Cost: From $30k – $55k
  • Build Time: Varies

Boulder Camper Vans

Boulder Camper Vans offers custom campervan conversions and rentals out of Boulder, CO. BCV has some pretty unique design features and really creative craftsmanship.

These vans are beautiful, functional, and most importantly: livable!

Boulder Camper Vans Details:

  • Location: Boulder, Colorado
  • Van Type: Sprinters, Promasters, Transits
  • Build Cost: Varies, contact for info
  • Build Time: Varies


You'd think more companies would be making a play on the name glamping… but Glampervans truly deliver on the word. Glampervans make campervans on Dodge Promaster vans.

This campervan conversion company doesn't offer custom vans. Instead, they offer tried and true designs that are built for livability, aesthetic, and functionality. When you're working with such a tiny space, no detail can be spared.

By using templates, the company can produce high-quality campervans at a fast pace. Custom work takes a lot of extra time!

Glampervans Details:

  • Location: Oakland, California
  • Van Type: Promaster
  • Build Cost: $60k – $90k
  • Build Time: Varies

What Is the Best Van for Conversion?

The best van for conversion is different for everyone. For some people, the best van for conversion is the biggest van with headroom and lots of floorspace. For others, size doesn't matter. The best van for you is one that both fits your budget and your ideal lifestyle.

Sprinter vans and other large vans are undoubtedly popular right now, but there is a lot of adventure and versatility in other smaller vans, like a Ford Econoline.

How to Find the Best Van Conversion Companies Near Me

Depending on what part of the US you live in, you may be near a ton of van conversion companies. (Cough cough – Colorado). Or if you're in the middle of nowhere, you might feel like you're out of luck!

Luckily, many van conversion companies will deliver the van to you. Or they may even work with you to get you out there once your van is finished!

Best Van Conversion Companies Conclusion

This is by no means an exhaustive list of van conversion companies in the US. If you want to check out the ultimate list of van conversion companies or find one near you, check out this page!

Be sure you're taking into consideration all the details listed in the beginning of this article so you can select the best company for you.

Know of a great company you didn't see listed here? Let us know in the comments!


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