50+ Incredibly Unique Gifts for RV Owners

By Carrie Wilder | Last Updated: March 15, 2024 

If you're looking for useful and unique gifts for RV owners, look no further!

Whether it's the holidays, a birthday, an RV-warming gift, or just a little something for you… It's all here. Let's get into it!

This gift guide is split up into sections, so you can check out the table of contents just below this sentence to skip to the parts that interest you.

Gifts for the RV Owner's Kitchen

An RV kitchen is small, but with the addition of a few key items, it can be mighty!

1. Instant Pot

The instant pot is a hit with RVers everywhere for it's convenience! Meals at the campsite are cooked faster than ever before.

2. Air Fryer Lid for the Instant Pot

Whether they already have an Instant Pot or you're getting them one, an air fryer lid opens up a whole new world of possibilities!

3. Berkey Water Filter

The Berkey Water Filter is not only popular with RVers everywhere, it is incredibly useful! Who knows what kind of junk is in different campgrounds and municipality water systems… the Berkey filters out 99.999% of all contaminants – this gift will be a huge hit. Every RVer that I've met who has one says they could never live without it again!

4. Soda Stream

The SodaStream is a simple way to make sparkling water (or flavored sodas) without having to buy disposables. One of the most useful gifts for RV owners!

5. Portable Ice Maker

If you didn't know, it's pretty difficult to have ice in an RV. Most RV freezers just don't have room for ice trays, and freezing ice can take forever. Portable ice makers are a hit with the RV and travel trailer crowd! They make ice in minutes and sit right on the counter.

6. Collapsible Kitchenware

Space comes at a premium in an RV. These collapsible measuring cups, spoons, colander, bowl, and dish tub make awesome gifts for RV owners!

7. Dutch Oven

A seriously versatile campsite cookware item, the dutch oven is a classic.

Speaking of cast iron, these campfire cooking kits make a great gift for any RVer.

8. Cast Iron Skillet

Another cast iron classic, the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet and Silicone Handle is a hit!

9. Silicone Wine Glasses

Silipint Silicone Wine Glasses… Because wine.

10. Magnetic Spice Jars

Spice jars that are out of the way, easily accessible, and won't jostle around during travel… say what?!

Gifts for the Campsite

11. Cornhole In a Bag

Travel Cornhole. Need I say more?

12. Blackstone Grill

The Blackstone Table Top Griddle is an RV breakfast GAME CHANGER. Perfect for the traveling griddle master! This is an incredible gift for RV trailer owners.

13. Portable Anti-Sand and Dirt Mat

This portable RV mat packs into its own carrying bag for a day at the beach or to use in front of the RV. Sand and dirt fall right through it – it'll always be clean to hang out on, even on the beach.

14. Zero Gravity Chair

Important: These zero-gravity campsite chairs are only for professional relaxers, or those who want to become professional relaxers.

15. Pop Up Screen Tent

These pop-up screen tents are all the rage among RVers! They set up in less than 60 seconds and are easy to pack away, too. They keep bugs and UV rays out and keep heat in on cool nights.

16. Portable Propane Fire Pit

This portable propane fire pit comes with everything you need except the propane… it even has a carrying handle!

17. Rechargeable LED Headlamps

Rechargeable LED headlamps are perfect for the campsite at night.

18. Bear Spray

Bear spray is a good security measure when camping in bear country. This pack comes with a training canister, too! A perfect safety gift for RV owners!

19. Thermacell Mosquito Repeller

Give the gift of a mosquito-free zone with the Thermacell Mosquito Repeller.

20. Solo Stove

Three words: smokeless wood firepit. How is that even possible?! The solo stove uses a low smoke technology that provides a great campfire with very low smoke and only ash leftover. Perfect gift for RV owners who don't like their hair and clothes to smell like smoke!

21. Outdoor Lights

These RV outdoor string lights make great gifts for RV owners to create a cozy campsite ambiance.

22. RV Sticker Map

An RV sticker map is a must have for any RV or travel trailer owner.

Best Gifts for RV Owners with Pets

23. Pet Fence

This pet fence is perfect for RV and camper owners with dogs to set up a play area at the campsite!

24. Window Cat Hammock

Traveling cats (and their owners) will love this cat window hammock! It's a perfect place for kitty to sunbathe and take in the views of ever-changing campsites.

25. Dog GPS Collar

This dog GPS collar is a perfect gift for RV owners with dogs for the sake of their peace of mind if Fido ever decides to go on their own walkabout.

26. RV Pet Ambient Temperature Monitor

Pet temperature monitor

This RV temperature and humidity monitor is the ultimate gift for RV owners with pets. This device works on cellular data and constantly monitors the temperature and humidity inside your RV and relays that info to your cell phone via an app, wherever you are.

This is perfect for the worrisome pet owner who wants to go out for the day but leaves their pet behind. This device alerts you if your RV power goes off from a tripped breaker, power surge, etc.

You'll never have to worry about your RV power tripping or your pet overheating again! It's all powered by an app so you can check in at any time.

27. Dyson Vacuum

This vacuum is a beast for pet hair and dander. And it can be used as a handheld or upright!

28. Cat Backpack

A cat backpack is a great option for a kitty who gets tired on a leash during a hike, or one that won't walk on a leash at all. This backpack is expandable for ventilation and can fit even the heaviest of cats! A great gift for an RV owner who loves their feline companion.

29. Pet Stroller

This screened-in pet stroller is a great idea for a gift for a camper owner that has a dog that can't walk much, or to take their cat, bunny, etc out on a walk. I personally have this exact stroller for my cat and he loves it!

30. Cat Tent

The outdoor cat tent is a great gift for RVers with cats that get tangled on their leashes, or even worse, wriggle out. This is a great way for cat lovers to get their pets outside with them without worrying about losing them on their travels.

Awesome RV Upgrade Gift Ideas

Items in this category are pricey, but definitely worth it for any RVer!

31. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

RV tire pressure monitoring is one of the most important safety precautions any RVer can take. This device takes the work out of it, and automatically monitors all of the RV and tow vehicles tire pressures and temperatures… in real time. The idea is that when a tire blows out, the temperature increases rapidly first. So, this device is supposed to give you a warning to pull over before that happens! A great safety gift.

32. RV GPS

An RV Specific GPS device is a great gift for any RV or camper owner. Regular phone GPS apps lack customizations that RVs need like weight, height, and length considerations. RV owners have to be mindful of bridge weight limits, winding roads, and low bridges. An RV GPS programs all that information in, and will never route you on a dangerous path like Google or Apple maps does!

33. WeBoost

The WeBoost grabs low cell signal with it's antenna, and boosts it with an amplifier inside the RV. The result is more bars and a stronger cell signal for RVers who travel to remote places. This is an essential item for remote workers and those who like to stay connected.

34. RV Lock

Did you know that some factory RV doors have universal locks? This is a huge security and design flaw, but it's a thing. The RV Lock improves security with a unique key and keycode. This is a great gift for people who own RVs and camper trailers.

35. Movie Projector

This portable mini movie projector makes movie nights at the campsite epic. These make great gifts for RV owners who are movie buffs!

36. Inflatable Hot Tub

A campsite inflatable hot tub… Extra? Absolutely. Exorbitantly priced? Also, yes. But try to beat this gift.

Give the Gift of Experiences and Community

Or give the gift of saving money through RV club memberships!

37. Escapees RV Club Membership

Escapees RV Club is my favorite RV membership on the PLANET. An Escapees membership might be the best gift you could ever give an RVer! And they're not exclusive to RVers… Van Lifers, Skoolies, and more! Everyone is welcome in this club.

Escapees RV Club is focused on community on the road and hosts events, has RV education, discounts on goods and services, and so, so much more. And it only costs $49/year! A great gift for RV owners of all types.

38. America the Beautiful Membership

An America the Beautiful pass is good for an entire year and it grants free entry into every National Park, plus over 2,000 other federally managed monuments! This is a gift that keeps on giving.

39. Passport America Membership

Passport America is one of the coolest RVing memberships you can gift someone. A one-year membership to Passport America costs $44 and the account holder gets 50% campground stsays at participating campgrounds all over the US. This membership is a huge money saver!

40. Boondockers Welcome Membership

Boondockers Welcome is a network of thousands of hosts all around the US that allow RVers to camp on their property for free.

A Boondockers Welcome membership costs $50/year and is a major money saver. Not only that, but they are awesome experiences! My experiences with Boondockers Welcome have always taken me to beautiful places I might not have explored otherwise.

Boondockers Welcome recently joined the Harvest Hosts family, so if you have a Harvest Hosts membership you can save $10!

41. Harvest Hosts Membership

Harvest Hosts is a camping membership that allows you to experience unique stays all over the US for free. RVers can stay at wineries, museums, and more, free! This membership is $79/year.

42. Thousand Trails Membership

Thousand Trails is the membership you buy for the RVer you REALLY love. Like REALLY.

I only say that because it's the most expensive thing on this list, but as a result, the account holder can pretty much camp for free at RV resorts all over the country for a year!

Other Gifts for People with Campers

43. Hitch Safe Key Vault

The Hitch Safe Key Vault is for keeping keys and other valuables safe when you're out and about, like at the beach. The hitch safe locks into the RV or car's tow hitch receiver and has a numeric combination for storing things like your car keys when you can't keep them on you.

44. RV Toilet Paper

It might seem funny or mildly inappropriate, but RVers don't even flinch at toilet or sewage talk. And the fact of the matter is… RV toilet paper is always a necessity! It's specially made to dissolve in the RV waste tank. This is indeed a great gift for a camper owner.

45. Venture Wipes

Created by full-time RVers who understand the lifestyle well, Venture Wipes are like big wet wipes… for your whole body! Perfect for the RVer who likes to boondock and conserve water.

46. Andersen Levelers

Everybody wants a set of Andersen Levelers for their RV or Travel Trailer. Do your RVing friend a favor and gift them these!

47. Gift Cards

When all else fails, gift cards are the way to go. Get your RVing friends or family members gas gift cards, grocery gift cards, or gift cards to stores like:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • REI
  • Camping World
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Flying J

48. Telescoping Ladder

A telescoping ladder is an excellent addition to any RV or travel trailers arsenal. Most RVs have ladders on the back, but that doesn't help RVers reach anything on the sides, or slide-outs! These ladders store easily and set up in seconds.

49. Kindle

Book lovers have a problem when it comes to RV life… limited storage! A Kindle is a great gift for a reader who travels.

50. Inflatable SUP or Kayak

An inflatable stand-up paddleboard or kayak is the perfect gift for an adventurous RVer. Each of these water crafts stow away in a backpack for easy storage and come with air pumps for easy inflation.

51. VIAIR Air Compressor

The Viair Air Compressor is an essential RV item. I wish I had one of these when I was RVing! It is so hard to find air up stations for large RV tires when you're on the road, and sometimes you need it immediately. Having a 12v powerful air compressor on-board eliminates almost all your RV tire pressure worries.

52. RV Checklist Printables

Give the gift of checklists! Sign up here for an RV Checklist bundle with free printable checklists for departure and arrival, packing lists for kitchen, first aid, toolbox, bathroom, and more.

53. Quarters

RVers always need quarters. Whether it's for laundry or coin operated showers, you can't go wrong with gifting a roll (or three) of quarters.

Best Books about RVing and Traveling to Give as Gifts for RV Owners

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