Harvest Hosts Review: Cost, Pros & Cons, Discounts, and More

By Carrie Wilder | Last Updated: June 14, 2024 

Wondering if Harvest Hosts is right for you? In this Harvest Hosts review, I'm sharing it all.

This article dives deep into what Harvest Hosts is and how it works, how much it costs, discount codes, reviews from other RVers, and much more.

If you're on the fence about this RV discount camping membership, this Harvest Hosts review will help get you on the right track.

What is Harvest Hosts? 

Harvest Hosts is a unique RV camping membership club that offers members free overnight RV camping in incredibly unique locations. 

Harvest Hosts has partnered with over 2,800 private property owners to provide truly unique overnight camping experiences for RVers. 

Host locations include places like breweries, wineries, restaurants, museums, farms, and other unique attractions. 

Most Harvest Host locations offer free dry camping for RVers, but some have hookups or amenities available, typically at no extra cost. 

This growing company started small, with an idea to partner with wineries to offer RVers unique and free places to stay while also benefiting the winery. Harvest Hosts members are encouraged to patronize the host locations as a “thank you” for the awesome camping spot. 

Since it’s inception in 2015, Harvest Hosts has grown from wineries and farms and includes places like museums, restaurants, golf courses, and more. 

There are currently over 2,800 host locations, and that list is growing every year. 

This discount RV camping membership has a website and an app, so you can search and find hosts no matter where you’re at. 

How Does Harvest Hosts Work? 

Harvest Hosts is really easy to use. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to login to your member dashboard and search locations, make requests, and more. 

Once you’re a member, you have access to all host locations (within your membership) throughout North America. 

Hosts within the Harvest Host program don’t charge a fee for overnight RV parking, but members are very strongly encouraged to spend at least $20 at the host business as a reciprocal “thank you”. 

If you’re staying at a winery, that might look like spending the evening in the wine tasting room and buying a bottle or two. And it’s the same at a brewery! 

If the location is a museum, you’re encouraged to purchase an entry ticket and/or shop at their gift shop. 

Farms are always fun because you can purchase fresh farm goods and produce!

It’s like getting a unique experience and free stay all in one, and then you have a tasty or fun souvenir afterwards. Plus your home is right on site – it’s actually pretty amazing. 

Harvest Hosts Membership Cost and Types

There are two Harvest Hosts guest membership types at different price points. Membership options are Harvest Hosts Classic and Harvest Hosts + GOLF. Let’s take a closer look at the two. 

Harvest Hosts Classic:

The Harvest Hosts Classic plan is the OG Harvest Hosts plan. 

This membership level gets you access to around 2500 locations including wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, and more. 

This membership tier is $99 per year, billed annually. Sign up here to get a 15% discount on a Harvest Hosts Classic membership!

Harvest Hosts + GOLF

The Harvest Hosts + GOLF membership is the upgraded membership plan that gives you access to all classic locations, plus over 400 golf courses and country clubs. With this membership, you also get access to spa facilities and restaurants! 

The + GOLF membership costs $139 per year, billed annually. You can get a 15% off discount at this link here!

Harvest Hosts Discount Code Coupon

Harvest Hosts discount code you want, discount code you shall receive. You can get a 15% discount on any Harvest Hosts membership plan here. 

Harvest Hosts Locations

harvest hosts review map of host locations

To see a full map of Harvest Hosts locations, you can view it at their website here. You can view host locations, but to see more details you’ll have to be a member. 

Harvest Hosts is adding new host locations all the time. At the time of this writing, current Harvest Host numbers are around 2,857. This includes:

  • 659 Wineries
  • 369 Breweries and Distilleries
  • 812 Farms
  • 605 Museums and Other Attractions
  • 412 Golf Courses and Country Clubs

Harvest Host locations include: 

  • All of the 48 Lower United States 
  • Canada
  • Alaska
  • Baja California

And they’re adding more all the time! There’s several Harvest Host locations in every state. According to the current map, the state that looks to have the fewest locations is Nevada. Take a look for yourself here

Harvest Hosts Golf Courses

harvest host review map of golf club host locations

If you or someone in your immediate family loves golfing, Harvest Hosts is the ultimate RV club membership for you. 

With the + GOLF membership, you automatically get access to over 412 golf courses and country clubs, plus access to spa and restaurant services. This plan provides access to multiple golf courses in almost every state, including Alaska. And there are several in Canada as well.

And you’re not even required to play a round of golf at every golf course, you can patronize the course or country club in other ways. But if you’ve got time, why not? 

Harvest Host Member Reviews

image with harvest host reviews from BBB, apple app store, and trust pilot

Personally, my Harvest Hosts review comes with a rave recommendation. I've been RVing since 2017 and have enjoyed Harvest Hosts and watching the company grow along my journey – I have nothing but good things to say!

Here are some Harvest Host reviews from other members of the RVing community. First, here are some quick stats:

  • 4.8 stars and 22k reviews on the Apple App store
  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • 4.8 stars on TrustPilot

Here are some rave reviews from the Harvest Hosts website:

Image with multiple 5-star reviews from the harvest hosts website

Obviously, the company is going to showcase the best reviews on their own website. But you don't have to look far to see that the consensus is the same in the general RVing community!

Here are some Harvest Hosts reviews from TrustPilot:

harvest host review from trust pilot

The review on the left titled “Vanlife and Harvest Host go together” answers a couple of the Harvest Host FAQ, too!

Lorraine states:

“At first we thought that because we don't drink, that it would be difficult to find a place to stay because it seemed the majority of places were brewery or wineries. However we have come to find out that there are many other attractions and museums and farms as Hosts and many of the Breweries and Wineries offer full (food) menus.”

Lorraine, TrustPilot Reviewer

If you don't drink alcohol, you're still welcome at any Harvest Host location. And campervans are welcome, too!

Here's another TrustPilot Review:

It's simple. Harvest hosts delivers what they promise. We have never had a bad experience, always pleased and we are happy to support all types of local American businesses all over our beautiful nation.

Terry and Beate Z, TrustPilot

Harvest Hosts Online Community

You can get in touch with the Harvest Hosts online community even without being a member. Harvest Hosts community forums are typically member-led and run. Here are a few groups and forums for Harvest Hosts. 

What Is It Like to Stay at a Harvest Hosts Location? 

The Harvest Hosts experience will vary from location to location due to the nature of the membership. 

The parking areas might be concrete, asphalt, gravel, grass, or dirt. 

While the typical Harvest Host is a dry camping experience, you will find that some locations offer certain amenities like electricity, water, and/or wifi. 

On your member dashboard you have the ability to see all pertinent information about each host location before requesting to stay. 

What Types of RVs Are Allowed At Harvest Hosts? 

All self-contained RVs, campervans, and skoolies are allowed at Harvest Host locations. Some hosts may have smaller areas to accommodate RVers, so any length or size restrictions are shown on each host profile. 

Self-contained means that you can generate your own power, your own toilet, indoor cooking facilities, have your own fresh water onboard, and have wastewater holding tanks that are leak-free and in proper working condition. 

Types of Vehicles and Campers That Are NOT Allowed: 

Any tents or tent-sided campers and pop ups are not allowed at any Harvest Host location. This includes: 

  • Pop Up Camper Trailers
  • Rooftop Tents
  • Sleeping in Cars, trucks, or minivans

Small camping trailers like clamshells and teardrops are allowed, but campers are prohibited from using outside kitchens or grills while at a Harvest Host location. This is likely for liability purposes, although that is just speculation on my part. 

Harvest Hosts Review: Pros and Cons of a Harvest Hosts Membership

Harvest Hosts is an awesome RV camping membership that’s unlike any other membership out there. Here are some pros and some cons if you’re still on the fence! 

Harvest Host Pros

This camping membership is truly unlike any other one you’ll find offered today. Here are the top benefits of Harvest Hosts. 

Unique Experiences You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Where else are you going to find a free overnight RV spot at a museum, bowling alley, or alpaca farm? I’ll help you out with that one: you’re not. Harvest Hosts provides access to super unique host locations that you’ll remember forever. 

Pays For Itself

At just $99 per year (with 15% off here) with the Classic plan, this membership pays for itself in just 2-3 nights of use. 

You Get to Meet Cool People

One of the best parts about connecting with various hosts with the Harvest Hosts program is all the different types of people you’ll meet. You can experience multiple businesses, farms, and more. 

Support Local Businesses

Supporting local businesses is always going to be in style. When you stay at a host location and support them, you’re helping local small businesses stay in business and feed their families. This, in turn, supports the local economy. It’s a win-win-win. 

Harvest Host Cons

I want to be totally transparent with my Harvest Hosts review, so here are the main downsides. 

Stays are Limited to One Night Only

Harvest Host stays are limited to one night only, but there's always a chance that you'll form a friendship with the host and be enthusiastically invited back!

Requires You to Plan Ahead

To stay at a host location, you have to request it. This requires planning ahead to make necessary arrangements. So if you fly by the seat of your pants, this could be a downside!

Hosts Are Busy

Harvest Hosts hosts are busy running their businesses, so sometimes they won’t respond to your phone call or email immediately. This con goes along with the whole “requires you to plan ahead” part. 

Are You Required to Spend Money at a Harvest Host? 

Members are strongly encouraged to spend money at host locations to express appreciation for the hospitality. A minimum of $20 is recommended to patronize the host business and support the people who help make this membership possible. 

Honestly, spending a minimum of $20 isn’t hard to do. If you’re at a brewery, winery, or distillery, buying some of their creations or eating at an on-site restaurant is something you’d likely be doing even if you were camped somewhere else. 

Some of the most fun Harvest Host locations include breweries that have food, live music, and tasty drinks. You get to have a fun night out and walk safely to your RV right on site – where else can you get that experience? 

Is Harvest Hosts Worth the Price? 

The average cost of an RV park or campground overnight reservation is around $40. The cost of a Harvest Hosts membership is $99 a year (with a 15% discount). 

So basically, a Harvest Hosts membership pays for itself with just 2-3 nights of use for the Classic plan, and 3-4 nights of use with the + GOLF plan. If you camp more than 5 nights a year, Harvest Hosts is definitely worth it! 

Harvest Hosts FAQ: 

No Harvest Hosts review would be complete without a FAQ section! Let’s dive into some of the most frequently asked questions about Harvest Hosts memberships. 

Is Harvest Hosts Only for RVs? 

Harvest Hosts locations accept all RVs including travel trailers, fifth wheels, class A, class C, truck campers, class B campervans, and skoolies, as long as they are totally self-contained. 

They do not allow tents, pop up campers, or sleeping in passenger vehicles (including converted minivans).

How Can I Become a Harvest Host? 

It’s free to become a host for Harvest Hosts and get access to a network of 180,000 member RVers. This is a beneficial relationship for you as a host, because all members are encouraged to patronize the businesses they stay at. 

Plus, all hosts receive a free membership with full access to the Harvest Host website and member benefits. 

Learn more about becoming a host here. 

Are There Harvest Hosts in Canada? 

Yes! There are multiple Harvest Hosts locations all throughout Canada. And Mexico too!

Do Harvest Hosts Locations Allow Dogs? 

Almost all Harvest Host locations allow pets on a leash at your RV or camper. 

Specific rules and instructions are always transparent and available on the host profile. 

Keep in mind that some host locations are farms with their own animals, and any rules about your pets is for everyone’s safety, including the resident animal population. 

Always clean up after your pets at a Harvest Host location. 

Do Hosts Have RV Hookups?

Harvest Hosts locations are meant for overnight RV parking for 1-3 nights. These locations are not RV parks or campgrounds, so you should not expect to find any kind of hookups or amenities. 

That being said, a small number of hosts have certain amenities like electricity and/or water. 

Any additional amenity or service will be listed on the Host page, and some may charge a fee to use their RV hookups and amenities.

What’s the Difference Between Harvest Hosts vs Boondockers Welcome? 

Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome are very similar! 

In fact, Harvest Hosts recently acquired Boondockers Welcome, so you can actually get a discount on Boondockers Welcome if you’re already a Harvest Hosts member. 

Boondockers Welcome properties are offered by private property owners all over North America, and these property owners are typically not businesses. Boondockers Welcome hosts are generally regular people, offering up yard space, farm space, or driveway space to wayward RVers. 

Harvest Hosts offers unique overnight camping opportunities in places like wineries, breweries, farms, museums, golf courses, and more. 

What’s The Difference Between Harvest Hosts vs Passport America?

Harvest Hosts vs Passport America: these two RV memberships are very different from one another. 

Harvest Hosts offers free overnight RV parking in unique places like wineries, breweries, distilleries, and more at over 2,800 locations in North America. 

Passport America offers a 50% discount on RV camping at 1,200 RV parks around the country. Very different memberships indeed!

Harvest Hosts Review Conclusion

If you’ve read this far in my Harvest Hosts review, I hope you have all the information you need to make a decision on whether or not this is the right RV camping membership for you. 

If you want free overnight RV camping at unique locations, try it out! Harvest Hosts offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied. And you can get a membership for 15% off here – so you have nothing to lose!

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