7 Honda Element Camper Conversions You Have To See To Believe

By Carrie Wilder | Last Updated: June 13, 2024 

Have you heard of a Honda Element camper conversion? If you haven't, it's high time!

Honda Element camper conversions are some of the coolest and most versatile campers for full-time living, traveling, camping, and van life.

They're boxy, they're rugged, and many of them are all-wheel-drive. These cars have plenty of interior space for sleeping and can go just about anywhere!

In this article we're bringing you 7 of the coolest Honda Element camper conversions we've seen to date.

The Honda Element Camper Has a Cult Following for A Reason

The Honda Element Camper has a cult following online. People just can’t get enough of this car! There are a handful of Facebook groups dedicated to the Honda Element campervan and tons of YouTube videos sharing builds. 

This vehicle is loved by campers and vehicle dwellers because of it’s boxy design, wide bi-opening side opening doors and rear hatch with tailgate, and interior space. This vehicle is super easy to convert into a camper, gets great gas mileage, and is a practical daily driver.

This is also the perfect car to convert into a camper if you can’t (or don’t want to) invest in something larger. 

On top of the spacious interior and opposing doors, plenty of companies make Honda Element camper conversion kits to make the job much easier. 

Honda Element vehicles have robust chassis, great ground clearance, and many come in all-wheel-drive… meaning you can take these vehicles almost anywhere. 

7 Honda Element Camper Conversions You Have to See

Whether you’re thinking about doing a DIY Honda Element conversion or are interested in Honda Element Conversion kits, I think you’ll be inspired by some of these builds. 

1: Honda Element Micro Camper

This Honda Element camper conversion is awesome. It’s setup for short camping trips and can easily be removed for daily life.

There’s a fold-out bed with storage underneath, an opposing desk or food prep area, and more. There are no major modifications to the interior of the Element. Everything is easily removable and fastens to the frame of the car using turnbuckles and tie-down loops. 

This camper makes a really efficient use of space and looks so comfortable! Amy made sure to make her bed area short enough that she could sit up fully without straining her back or neck. 

This leads to less storage area underneath the bed, but it works well for her because she doesn’t live in it full-time. She hung black-out curtains on an elastic cord and has custom-sized bug netting to cover each window using velcro. 

One of the coolest features of this camper is the custom wood moon-roof cover that has a built-in iPad holder for watching movies on the ceiling while laying in bed – stick around to the end to see that!

2: Full Time Honda Element Camper Conversion Van Life

Nate from Element Van Life lives full-time in his Honda Element and has changed his Honda Element camper conversion a lot over the years. In this walkthrough he shares an updated look at his 35 square foot house on wheels. 

There’s a roof rack on the top of the Element for surfboard storage and a 100 watt Renogy solar panel that supplies power to a 100 ah AGM battery inside. Other than the roof rack, there aren’t any changes made on the exterior of this Honda Element. 

The interior of Nate’s Honda Element camper has a cabinet system on the drivers side with a closet and shelves for storage and food. 

Near the cabinet is a miniature sink and countertop with a Dometic CF18 12v camping fridge

This Element camper is full of efficient storage options. Nate is able to keep the passenger seat in the Element and still have a long enough bed platform to stretch out on that converts into a seat during the day. 

After living in his Element for a couple years, it really seems like he knows what he’s doing.

3: Cute Boho Honda Element Camper

This Honda Element microcamper conversion is named Encelia. I love all the design elements (no pun intended) in this Honda camper conversion. There are so many textures and colors making this fun boho camper a happy and cozy place to be. 

There’s a lofted bed with storage underneath, a sink and counter area, and even storage space for a spare tire. 

This Element campervan has running water with a hand pump and 6 gallon fresh water tank. 

This camper conversion has 100 watts of solar that goes into a Jackery power bank stored where the passenger seat used to be. In place of the passenger seat is a table and additional storage. 

4: Minimalist Honda Element Camper Tour

This 2003 AWD Honda Element camper conversion is minimalist and functional. 

There’s plenty of storage in this minimalist camper in wood drawers that slide out from the rear of the Element. 

One of the best things about this Element camper is how organized it is! With such a small space, organization is key to staying sane. 

The sleeping platform is a gel memory foam mattress topped with a high-quality sleeping bag that takes up much of the back of the Element. 

The owner, Brian, kept the front passenger seat and built a new center console out of reclaimed wood. 

Some nice finishing touches you’ll notice in this Honda Element camper conversion is toothpaste in the dashboard and a toothbrush sticking out of the air vent – you gotta make do when you live in a small space!

5: Solo Female Camper: Honda Element Camper Conversion

Stephi was a full-time Honda Element camper dweller with a simple and efficient Honda campervan setup. 

The majority of this setup is a no-build build, meaning she made use of pre-made storage solutions to make use of the space in her Element. 

From storage drawers for clothes and food to hanging storage to hold other items, this camper is set up pretty nicely. 

She has custom reflectix cut-outs to cover and insulate all the windows for privacy and insulation. 

For cooking, Stephi uses a Coleman camp stove. She has a solar shower and LED interior lights to light up the camper at night. 

The bed platform is a piece of wood held up by PVC platform legs with a memory foam mattress. There’s plenty of storage under the bed, too. 

This Honda Element is simple, efficient, and functional. 

6: Honda Element VanLife Tour

Phil and Vanessa were living full-time in their Honda Element for 7 months at the time of filming this video. It’s hard to imagine two people living in such a small space full-time, but their Honda Element camper conversion made it all possible. 

Phil and Vanessa’s Element campervan has a small kitchen area in the rear of the camper that folds out and sits on the rear tailgate of the Element. 

The cooking platform consists of a two-burner camp stove and a small counter space area for cutting and food prep. 

Under the bed in the back are storage bins, a cooler, and fresh water storage. This is al the storage they need for their kitchen and cooking. 

The bed platform folds up for easy storage, and the couple keeps their clothes under the front of the bed. 

The entire bed platform was made with ease-of-access and function in mind. There is an access door cut into the middle of the bed platform to help get to things that would normally be nearly impossible to access.

Along the drivers side of the camper portion of this Element camper are cabinets for storage and a closet. 

A cargo net secures to the ceilign to hold extra clothes. 

The couple has a Goal Zero Yeti 150 for power, and they’re able to recharge it while driving with the Honda Element’s built-in 12v rear power port. The Goal Zero provides enough power for their phones, laptops, cameras, and it also powers hanging LED lights inside the camper. 

This Honda Element conversion might just be the best camper on this list!

7: Cozy, Roomy, and Functional Honda Element Camper Tour

Last but not least is this cozy, functional, and roomy Honda Element Camper. 

This video is less of a camper walkthrough and more a camping trip video diary, but you get some great shots of the camper. For some reason, there’s no sound, but you don’t need sound to see how awesome this Honda Element camper is. 

This video honestly makes me want a Honda Element camper of my own. 

The sleeping platform in this DIY Honda camper is built along the drivers side with an opposing countertop and table space. In the back-center of the Element is a set of storage drawers that also functions as an additional table surface. 

There are wisely placed battery-powered fans throughout the sleeping area to keep air flowing and a small camping heater for cold nights. 

In front of the bed is a small 12v camping refrigerator that keeps beverages and snacks cold. The tailgate of this Element is used for food prep and cooking with a small camp stove. 

The bed folds up into a chaise-style lounger, which looks perfect for hanging out and reading a book or taking in the views. 

Custom tapestry-covered panels cover the windows for privacy and insulation. 

With the bed and table set up how they are, this Element feels like it has a ton of interior space. Honestly, it looks more like a camper van than a small Honda Element! 


Every single one of these Honda Element campers is awesome. It makes me want an Element myself! Alas, I can’t have every single camper I see… or can I? Let’s dive into some FAQs about the beloved Honda Element.

Is the Honda Element Coming Back? 

Sadly, the Honda Element only had one generation. This amazing car was only produced from 2002 to late 2010, when the last 2011 Honda Element rolled off the production line. 

I don’t really understand why they would stop making such a popular, functional, and versatile car! 

People love these cars so much, and everybody wants to know if the Honda Element is making a comeback. 

There were many rumors about a 2021 Honda Element, but if that were true, we would already see them rolling out by now. So, is a 2022 Honda Element in the works? 

Apparently, Honda Element clickbait articles have come out almost every year since production ended. With such a devoted and passionate fanbase, marketers play on those desires to get article shares and reads! It actually kind of blows my mind how many websites have been created just to share fake Honda Element announcements. 

I am unable to find any official announcement from Honda hinting about a new Element, but hopefully they will listen to their fans sooner rather than later. 

As for now, your only hope of owning a Honda Element camper is to purchase a used Honda Element or find a Honda Element camper for sale near you. 

Where Can I Find Honda Element Conversion Kits? 

There are a handful of companies still selling Honda Element conversion kits. If you want a kit that will help you turn your car into a DIY Honda Element camper in less than a day, I highly recommend any of these companies. 

Fifth Element Camping Honda Element Conversion Kit

Fifth Element Camping has a beautiful and multi-functional microcamper conversion kit for Honda Elements. This kit is priced from $4,995 to $6,495, or you can purchase individual pieces. This conversion kit is made to order so you can expect some wait time. 

Freeway Element Camper Van Kit

The Freeway Element Camper Van Kit is priced between $899 to $1,299 depending on features. And there are additional options available, too. This kit will fit any Honda Element, and it will also fit other flat-floored vehicles like the Dodge Grand Caravan.

This is a really affordable camper kit that’s modular and customizable. There are also lots of options to choose from, including a rooftop bed tent.

Ursa Minor ECamper Honda Element Camper Conversion with Pop Top Roof

Ursa Minor Vehicles specializes in campervan conversions for Jeeps, Honda Elements, and Ford Vans. 

The Ursa Minor ECamper conversion kit ranges in price from $7,500 to $12,285… and for that price, you get a LOT. 

Ursa Minor does the conversion for you at one of their two conversion facilities located in either Portland, Oregon, or San Diego, California. 

All ECamper conversions feature a pop top, a 7’ x 4’ mattress, gas spring hinges, interior LED lighting, and more. The pop top has a sleeper that can fit two adults and only adds 130 pounds to the car. When open, the pop top gives you 6’ and 6” of headspace!

Is the Honda Element Good for Camping?

With it’s opposing side doors, rear hatch and tailgate, boxy design and rugged construction, the Honda Element makes an excellent choice for camping. 

The Element is a great vehicle for car camping because it can haul all your gear, and you won’t damage it with muddy or damp stuff at the end of your trip. 

It’s also great to convert into a camper and sleep in with plenty of interior space. 

How to Find a Honda Element Camper for Sale

Honda Elements have been out of production for a decade now, so they’re getting harder to find… and older! 

If you want to find a Honda Element camper for sale near you, start with your local marketplaces. Try Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo, Facebook Marketplace, and more. 

Do a Nationwide Google search if looking in your local area doesn’t provide any leads! 

Before you purchase a used Honda Element, be sure to have it looked at by a professional mechanic. Since the newest Honda Element is over ten years old at this point, it’s important to be thorough with your inspection and consideration before purchasing. 

Still Dreaming of VanLife? 

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