Mobile RV Repair Near Me: Find the Best Local RV Service Techs

By Carrie Wilder | Last Updated: May 14, 2024 

As an RVer, it’s not always practical to take your RV into a repair shop, especially not for minor repairs. So what do you do in this situation? Hit up the internet and search for “mobile RV repair near me”, of course!

RV repair shops will sometimes hold your RV for weeks or months while preparing to work on it or waiting for parts. For many RVers, that’s simply not acceptable, especially when you live in your RV!

Luckily, mobile RV repair services exist to help with a myriad of RV issues from minor to major. In this article, you’ll learn more about mobile RV repair and how to find a legitimate and quality local mobile RV mechanic, no matter where you go. 

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What Is Mobile RV Repair? 

Mobile RV repair is a term for RV repair services that come to you! Much like a doctor making house calls, a mobile RV repair service comes to you and works on your RV on location, whether it’s sitting in your driveway or set up at a campground.

Mobile RV mechanics make RV life so much easier, especially for full-timers.

Whether you’re just camping or are stationary, knowing that you don’t have to break camp and move your home saves so much stress and time. 

How Do Mobile RV Repair Services Work? 

Mobile RV repair technicians drive to your RV location to help diagnose issues with your RV.

Mobile RV mechanics usually travel with everything they need to diagnose and repair a wide variety of RV problems. If they don’t have the tools or parts needed, they will source it and pick it up to complete your RV repair service. 

Mobile RV repair services have different pricing structures. These services might be run by a local person or business, a local dealership or service center, or a national mobile RV repair chain.

Most mobile services will only service RVs within a certain mile radius of their home base, and charge per mile in addition to the cost of your RV repair. 

Mobile RV Repair Near Me: How to Find the Best Local RV Service Technicians

It’s important to note that not every place has mobile RV repair technicians. Some places are just too remote or too sparsely populated. But, many places do!

Here are some tips to find the best mobile RV repair services near you. 

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mobile RV repair tire and wheel bearings

First: Search Online

Almost all local businesses list their business on Google, including mobile RV repair services. Important places to check online include Google and Yelp. To find the best mobile RV repair services near you, try these search terms on Google and Yelp: 

  • “Mobile RV repair near me” 
  • “Mobile RV mechanic near me”
  • “Mobile RV repair service near me” 
  • “Mobile RV Repair in (Town/City/County and State Name)”
  • “Mobile RV Service in (Town/City/County and State Name)” 
  • “On Site Mobile RV Repair Near Me”
  • “Mobile RV Repair Near Me Now”
  • “Mobile Camper Repair Near Me”
  • “Mobile Motorhome Repairs”
  • “Mobile Travel Trailer Repair Near Me”
  • “Mobile Fifth Wheel Repair Near Me”
  • Etc

Your RV repair service may differ depending on the type of problem you’re experiencing. For example, if you need diesel engine service, you might try “Mobile RV diesel mechanic near me”. 

Google uses your location to match you with the best on-site mobile RV repair services near you, and Yelp does the same. If you have turned off location tracking on your device, be sure to enter your location name or zipcode for the most accurate results.

Check Local Marketplaces

Local marketplaces include Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. If you can’t find any businesses listed on Google or Yelp for mobile RV repair near you, try other local marketplaces.

If you find repair technicians on Craigslist or Facebook, be sure to research them further to learn about their qualifications and experience. Anyone can post an ad on Craigslist or Google, so be sure to vet candidates appropriately. 

Inquire With Your Campground or RV Park Manager

Local RV park and campground managers almost always have their finger on the pulse of the best local RV services. And, chances are, they’ve had to help other RVers find mobile RV repair technicians in the past! 

Your campground manager might even have recommendations that you can’t find online. 

Contact Local RV Dealerships and Service Centers

If there are RV dealerships or service centers in the local area, give them a call. Many RV dealerships or RV repair centers will send out mobile service techs. This is great for RVers who can’t make it into the shop. Even if they don’t provide mobile RV repair, they might be able to give you information that will help in your search! 

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5 Things To Consider When Hiring a Mobile RV Repair Service Near You

You shouldn’t just hire any mobile RV repair service without checking out their background and ensuring they’re legitimate. In addition to making sure they’re a real business and have the right experience, here are some other things to consider. 

General vs Specialized

Is the mobile RV mechanic a general repair tech, or a specialist? You might want a specific type of repair person depending on the nature of your issue.

Not every mobile RV repair technician will be able to work on your RV engine, and not every mobile RV mechanic will be able to work on other parts of your RV, like the plumbing or hydraulics. 

Or, if you have a certain system you need worked on, make sure to ask if they do it. Some RV techs won't work on things like your LPG (propane gas) system, your RV refrigerator, or your Air Conditioning system.

Check Reviews

Reviews are so important! Check the Google, Yelp, and Facebook page reviews of the mobile RV repair technician. 

Remember to take reviews with a grain of salt: some people will leave a bad review based on an unfortunate circumstance that isn’t specifically the fault of the service provider.

But, if the service provider has consistently attracted less-than-stellar reviews, maybe keep looking. 

Ask About Their Pricing, Including Mileage

Mobile RV technicians have different pricing structures than RV repair shops. Most will charge you per mile of travel in addition to the cost of the repair. 

When making your appointment, be sure to ask your technician about their pricing including mileage so you’re not surprised when you get the bill. 

In many cases, you’ll have to pay a mobile RV tech for mileage even if they’re not able to fix your problem. 

Do They Charge for Diagnostic?

Most RV repair service centers charge for a diagnosis, and mobile RV repair service providers aren’t any different. And most RV repair technicians won’t begin work without doing a diagnostic, either.

Before making your appointment, be sure that you have a full understanding of how much you will have to pay even if they aren’t able to service your rig. 

Insurance Claims and Warranty Work

Finally, is your repair something that is covered by your RV warranty, or is it an insurance claim? Not every repair shop or mobile RV mechanic will do insurance or warranty work. Again, this is something you should ask before they drive to you to save yourself money and time. 

Are They Certified? 

Lastly, ask your mobile RV service tech if they’re certified. There are a few organizations in the country that provide certification for RV technicians. They are: 

  • RVIA from the RV Industry Association, or RV Dealers Association (RVDA)
  • NRVTA – National RV Training Academy
  • RVSA – RV Service Academy
  • RVTI – RV Technical Institute

It’s important to note that just because someone isn’t certified doesn’t mean they can’t help you. But it’s preferable to hire a certified RV tech! 

I’ve hired a handful of mobile RV techs who didn’t have a formal certification but had been working on RVs for years either as a family business or entrepreneur, and I was happy with each service. This is where reviews come in handy. 

What Kind of Repairs Do Mobile RV Repair Services Provide?

Mobile RV repair services can’t take care of every RV problem, and some RV repair technicians only provide certain services. 

When booking your appointment, your technician will likely ask what your repair is related to. Some RV repairs can’t be done on-site and need the larger tools and equipment found at RV service centers. 

Other RV mechanics might refuse to work on black tank or black tank plumbing because of the nature of the job. 

In addition, some mobile RV mechanics will do warranty work, and some won’t. 

Pros of Mobile RV Repair

There are many benefits of mobile RV repair, the obvious being that you don’t have to move! Here are the pros of mobile RV repair services: 

No Need to Move Your RV or Have it Towed

Whether you can’t (or don’t want to) move your RV to have it worked on, you don’t have to. 

And no need to worry about towing a damaged RV and risking further damage! 

If you can find a mobile RV repair service near you, you can keep your RV set up at your campsite or in your driveway and let the work happen there. 

Supports Local and Small Business

If you hire a local or family owned RV repair service, you’re helping support the local economy and small businesses. You might not have this exact benefit in mind when you’re worrying about an issue with your RV, but it is definitely a benefit!

Saves You Time and Stress

The very first week in my full-time RV life was a nightmare. I moved into the RV not knowing that my holding tanks were cracked, so I couldn’t use the bathroom or running water. I know, I should have tested them… That’s a story for another day 😂

After just moving into the RV full-time in a 110 degree Texas summer, I was not thrilled with the idea of having to take my RV to a shop and leave it there with nowhere else for me or my cats to live. 

Mobile RV repair technicians save you so much stress and SO MUCH TIME! 

If you’ve never taken your RV to a service center for repair, you might not know that it’s not uncommon to have to leave your RV for a month or longer. 

With a mobile RV repair service, they come to you when they’re ready and perform the job the same day as your appointment unless they need to order parts. 

This means you can keep living in and using your camper while you’re waiting, and I cannot express how valuable this is for full-timers!

Dedicated and Quality RV Repair

When a mobile RV technician is working on your RV, you are getting dedicated service. They’re not in a busy shop with tons of other jobs happening or other things trying to compete for their attention. They’re with you, working on your RV, and providing an excellent quality of service. 

For many small businesses and local repair technicians, their quality of service directly impacts their income in the form of reviews and recommendations. So you can rest assured they will take the best care of you that they can because their business depends on it. 

stationary RV for mobile RV repair service

Cons of Mobile RV Repair Services

From higher pricing to lack of availability, here are the downsides to getting mobile RV repair service. 

Can Cost More Than a Service Shop

Mobile RV repair can cost more than a service shop due to the nature of the job. The technicians charge per mile and may also charge higher daily or hourly rates, too.

Mobile technicians are without the convenience and amenities of tools and devices normally kept in a service center and have to travel with all tools on hand. This can make repairs more difficult and more expensive. 

Not All Issues Are Serviceable On Location

Not all issues can be resolved while your RV is parked at your campsite, home, or storage unit. Some repairs need to be serviced in-shop with the larger machinery and equipment that isn’t portable. 

Sometimes, you won’t know that a mobile tech can’t perform your repair until after the diagnostic, and by that time you’re already paying for gas and a diagnosis.

Be sure to communicate effectively with your repair technician to help avoid a situation like this. 

Campground Rules

If your campground has rules against RV service on the property, you might be out of luck for mobile RV repair. In this case you will have to take your RV into the shop or find another park or campground that will allow the repair to take place on-site. 

Lack of Availability

Just like RV service centers, you may experience difficulty scheduling a mobile RV repair technician due to lack of availability. If you are in an area with few mobile service technicians or an influx of RVers, be prepared to be put on a waiting list! 

If your RV issue is an emergency, you may have to find a physical location that can get you in ASAP or attempt to DIY the repair yourself. 

Find Quality Mobile RV Repair Near You

I hope this article gave you some insight on how to select the best local service provider to repair your RV if you ever find yourself in need. And trust me… you might! I hired my first mobile RV service tech the very first week of my full-time RV life, about once a year after that. 

Always remember to vet your options, read reviews, and communicate clearly and make sure you understand their pricing and limitations. Finding a quality technician is easy if you’re in the right place and know how to look for them!

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