How To Sell Feet Pics – An Unusual Way To Make Money Online

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How to Sell Feet pics for Money

*This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, please visit my affiliate disclaimer here.

Want to know how to sell feet pics for money? Look no further. 

Unusual as it may seem, making money online from selling feet pictures is a real thing. If you want to learn how to sell feet pics and get in on this money-making, keep reading.

There is a pretty large market to make money selling feet pictures online. And if you’re cool with potentially selling feet pictures to people with a foot fetish, you can be in business immediately. 

If that isn’t for you, you can still sell feet pics for money through stock photo websites, or make money as a foot model or influencer for brands and businesses.


If this topic makes you uncomfortable, click here to check out my other articles about making money. 

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I spent many hours and days researching and compiling this article to make it the most in-depth resource about the topic of selling feet pictures online. It was surprisingly hard to find credible and useful information on this topic, and I only included the best here. 

In this article you will learn many things about how to sell feet pics

  • How and where to sell feet pics online
  • Strategies for success in selling feet pics
  • How much money you can make selling feet pictures online
  • And more!

Is it legal to sell feet pictures? 

Yes, it is legal to sell feet pictures. If you are a legal adult and live in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, or other western countries, selling feet pictures is totally legal. 

Do people really buy feet pictures? 


Yes, of course people buy pictures of feet! If you’re new to the idea of selling feet pictures, it might seem strange that there would be a market for this kind of a thing, but there definitely is… and the feet pics market is huge. People sell feet pictures just about everywhere you can hang out online, and people buy feet pictures online everywhere too.

There are many reasons people buy feet pictures, and some of the reasons might surprise you. For example – feet pics aren’t just for dudes with a foot fetish. All different kinds of people buy pictures of feet. Even brands and businesses buy feet pictures.

To get an idea of just how popular feet pictures are, head on over to Instagram and check out the size of the feet pics related hashtags. 

For example: 

  • #feet = 13.4 million posts
  • #feetworship = 1.2 million posts
  • #feetlovers = 900k+ posts
  • #feetmodel = 800k+ posts

There are entire websites dedicated to feet pictures and huge online communities on forums and social media all across the internet that are dedicated to feet pics. 

There is even an entire website dedicated to feet pictures called WikiFeet. 

According to my research, WikiFeet gets over 15 MILLION visitors per month – all by people who love feet pictures! 

There are other websites specifically for people to sell feet pictures online on, but you’ll probably make more money by building a personal brand.

What kind of people buy feet pictures? 

There are a few groups of people who actively buy feet pictures online. While fetishists might be what immediately comes to mind, you might be surprised at who buy feet pictures!

Psst… If you’re just looking for jobs that don’t suck, here’s 25 of them!

Foot Fetishists

Number one is definitely individuals with a foot fetish. These people really love feet and are willing to shell out tens, hundreds, even thousands of dollars for feet pictures and videos. This is probably the most lucrative market to sell feet pictures.

It’s important to keep in mind that the love of feet is incredibly common, and some of the most normal people you know may have a foot fetish. It’s not unnatural or weird and if you are treating it as such, this is the wrong path for you. The individuals who are buying feet pictures should be respected as any paying customers would.

If selling feet pictures to fetishists makes you uncomfortable, it’s not the only avenue of selling your feet pictures online. It is the largest market and the most profitable when it comes to feet pictures, specifically, but you should never do something that makes you uncomfortable.

Publishers and Journalists

selling feet pics to bloggers

Publishers like bloggers and journalists will buy feet pictures for use in articles, publications and websites.

For publishers, if they’re writing an article about feet in any way, shape, or form, (like a health article, or even this article you’re reading) they’ll look for feet pictures online, typically from a stock photo website.

Brands and Businesses

Brands that sell products like nail polish, foot and ankle jewelry, skin care products, shoes and more rely on feet picture models to model their products. Becoming a professional foot model is a real thing – you can sell feet pictures to many brands and businesses!

Stock photo websites

selling feet pics on stock photography websites

The above is a screenshot I captured from a stock photo website I am a subscriber of. All photos in this article were downloaded from this website. Every time I download a photo to use, the contributor gets paid.

Stock photo websites are where bloggers and publishers get their photos, either paying per photo or a monthly fee.

Every time someone downloads your photo to use, the stock photo website pays you. This is great for any kind of photos, not just feet pictures! You can sell feet pictures on these websites – but you’ll have more luck with a variety of photography.

Learn more about selling your photography on stock photo websites here. 

How old do you have to be to sell feet pictures? 

You should be above the age of 18 or a legal adult in your country to sell feet pictures. This is for your safety as well as for legality. 

Why are people selling feet pics?

The easiest answer to why people sell feet pics is because other people are buying… Money makes the world go round. Why else would you sell feet pictures? There is a good market for feet pictures, and some people actually make a living with their feet pictures online. 

Some people get into it because they’re desperate for cash and need to make money now, and some people sell feet pictures because they understand the love of feet and want to be a part of the industry. 

Just do a quick search on YouTube and you’ll find hundreds of videos of people who have tried selling feet pics for money.

What if I have ugly feet? Can I still sell feet pictures?

This is a matter of perspective. Do you think your feet are ugly because you think all feet are ugly, or is there something physically wrong with your feet? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what may stand out to you as ugly about your feet may make them perfect to another person. 

The only way to know the true answer to this question for your particular situation is to try. 

How much money can you make selling feet pictures? 

How much money can you make selling feet pics?

Exactly how much can you expect to make selling feet pics? Can you make six figures in money for selling feet pics? The short answer is: it depends. Like any product or business, the money that you can expect to make selling feet pictures online will vary depending on the quality of your photos, the buyer, and the demand. You can earn anywhere from $5-500 per feet picture, or more. 

$5-500 is a very broad spectrum, but even earning $5 per photo can be profitable considering it takes little to no time or effort to snap a quick feet pic. Here are some things to consider that will determine how much you should charge and can expect to earn for selling feet pics:

Image Quality

Image quality doesn’t mean having a beautiful foot – it is how good you are at capturing beautiful feet pictures.

You can have the best feet in the world and still produce crappy feet pictures, because photography takes practice. This includes lighting, location, and more.

Image quality is especially important for selling feet pictures on stock photo websites.

Publishers are looking for high-resolution professional style feet pictures. People using stock photo websites are not interested in selfie-style feet pictures or feet pics that were obviously taken with a cell-phone. (You can still use a cell phone if you level-up your photography skills – once you do it becomes hard to tell the difference)

Buyer Interest

If you find someone absolutely in love with your feet pictures, you can expect them to pay a premium. When you are selling pictures direct to a buyer, you are setting the price.

You can easily sell a single photo or photoset for $100 or more to a highly interested buyer.

Check out this article about a guy who regularly spends between £200-£300 per month on feet pictures. This is not an uncommon situation.

Branding and Popularity

If you have built a brand around your feet pictures, you can charge way more for feet pictures than someone who is just starting out or hasn’t built a brand.

Building a brand includes creating social pages and amassing large amounts of followers and fans of your feet. These buyers will happily fork over more cash for your feet pictures. The more popular your brand is, the more you can charge. 

While prices vary, if you are serious about selling feet pics and promote yourself well, you will have buyers coming to you that will be happy and willing to pay you $100 or more per set of feet pictures. 

How and where to sell feet pics for money?

By now you know that there is an astronomically large market for feet pictures and foot models. 

You can sell feet pics for money online in many different places. People sell feet pictures on blogs, YouTube, apps, forums, social media, chatrooms, marketplaces, stock photography sites, and more. 

Pretty much anywhere people gather as a community in some way on the internet, you can sell feet pictures. 

Selling Feet Pics on Social Media

how to sell feet pics on social media

We are truly living in the age of social media, and social media is an incredibly lucrative way to sell feet pictures. 

In this section we will go over how to build a personal brand for selling feet pictures, maintaining personal and financial safety when selling photos via social media, and the most popular methods of selling feet pictures across various platforms. 

How to sell feet pics: Creating a Brand

When selling feet pictures on social media, you should always make a feet pictures specific account on each platform.

This will not only help protect your identity, but it will also keep your activity in a place that only people who care about it will find it.

Don’t use your personal email address either, make a new one for your feet pictures related accounts. 

Aside from creating separate accounts, building a brand is something that is totally optional but will increase your earning potential. And, with time, it will become easier to sell your feet pictures as you establish yourself.

Once you gain followers and fans you will have people coming to you, you won’t have to go out and find them. 

When creating your brand accounts, use feet picture related hashtags on your posts and photos and use those hashtags to find and interact with other related accounts and those of buyers. Your goal is to build a following for your feet pictures, no matter what platforms you decide to go with. 

How to sell feet pics: Personal and Financial Safety 

When selling feet pictures on social media, you need to treat it like a business. This means not giving out personal information and not entertaining personal chats in your inboxes. 

Since it is social media, expect to receive messages from weirdos. It happens – it’s just the world we live in. Do not indulge them in personal conversation, but if they are a buyer, complete the transaction. If you feel uncomfortable at all, all you have to do is delete and block. 

Never give out financial information other than how the buyer can pay you, and never deliver your feet pictures without first receiving payment. 

If the buyer asks for you to buy something in order to receive payment, it is a scam. If the buyer sends you a screenshot saying they sent payment, verify it first with your payment app, this is another tactic fake buyers can use to trick sellers. 

How to Sell Feet Pics on OnlyFans

Selling feet pics on OnlyFans is becoming more and more popular these days. Just about anyone can make an OnlyFans. Feet pics are super easy to take and sell, so this is a great platform to do it!

First, you’ll need an OnlyFans feet pics account. It’s up to you whether you use your real name or a fake one. For safety purposes, don’t reveal your identity.

Next, you’ll need to be sure your photos are on point. This article has plenty of tips for taking awesome feet pics to sell on OnlyFans!

The trickiest part about using a platform like OnlyFans to promote your feet pictures is promoting yourself and getting the word out. So how do you promote your OnlyFans feet account?

Use platforms like Reddit, Instagram, and even TikTok to promote your OF. If you decide to use TikTok, you can create teaser videos and slideshows, but don’t give away all the goods at once!

Put your OnlyFans foot pics account link in the bio of whatever platform you use for promotion. Driving traffic to your selling platform of choice is the task you should spend the most time focusing on.

How to sell pictures of your feet on Instagram

There are a few ways you can make money on Instagram from selling feet pictures, and one of these ways doesn’t involve using your own feet pictures at all. Instagram is probably the most popular and lucrative way to make money for feet pictures in the social media world. Here are 3 ways to make money online selling feet pictures on Instagram:

1 Create a repost account

A repost account is an account someone grows by only sharing other people’s content – ie other people’s feet pictures. This is a popular way to grow an account really big and not have to use any of your own content.

It is slightly controversial, and not everyone will be appreciative of you sharing their feet pictures, but for the most part, it’s okay. Always tag the original owner of the feet pictures to give them credit. The more followers you have, the less likely someone is to ask you to take their photo down. 

How to create a repost account to sell feet pics: 

  • Create an account with a keyworded username – use foot or feet somewhere in the username so people can find you. 
  • Repost popular feet pics from feet accounts on Instagram, be sure to tag the original poster to give them credit. Use foot related hashtags to attract followers.
  • Grow the account to thousands of followers (the easiest way to do this is by using automation, although there is a risk of getting shut down by IG) 

How to monetize a repost account: 

  • Sell shoutouts
  • Sell ads 
  • Sell your link space for 24 hours

2 Create an account for your feet pictures

Create a foot account for your own feet pictures and videos and make money off of your own feet pictures. Grow your account by posting your feet pictures and videos with foot related hashtags to attract followers. Interact with other foot accounts to grow a following. You can use automation for this, as well, but be aware there is a risk of getting banned if you get caught. How to monetize your feet pictures account:

Sell feet pics on a website that you create

Use a website to sell your feet pictures and videos. More on this below. 

Sell feet pics on Patreon or OnlyFans

Sell feet pictures to interested followers through a platform like Patreon or OnlyFans. Put the link in your bio so your IG followers can easily find it. 

Sell feet pics through your IG inbox

Use your DMs as your method of client communication to sell photos of your feet on Instagram. Use a payment platform like CashApp to accept payment and deliver your feet pictures via your inbox on Instagram.

3 Reach out to foot-related brands

Brands that sell things like jewelry, nail polish, skin care and any other products that go on your feet may be interested in sponsoring foot models. You may get paid in cash or free product, or both. 

Link your Amazon Wishlist in your IG link space

Many foot models and models in general on Instagram will link their wishlist on their IG account, and fans and followers can purchase items off your wishlist that will be delivered to you via Amazon. You aren’t making money this way, but you are getting free products that you personally picked out.

Tips for selling feet pictures on Instagram:

Make more than 1 account. I have read stories of people getting their feet pictures IG accounts shut down for various reasons, and almost every account I came across in my research had a backup account.

Having a backup account or 2 that you’ve actively worked on growing at the same time will ensure that if one of them gets shut down, you don’t lose all of your Instagram traffic at once. 

There are pros and cons to all of these methods of selling feet pictures on Instagram. Some require more setup and technical know-how, but these can all be very lucrative ways to make money with your feet pictures on Instagram. 

How to sell feet pictures on Facebook

How to sell feet pics on Facebook? Groups, of course! For selling feet pictures on Facebook, I personally think groups are your best bet. Sure, you can make a page for your feet, but pages have low reach. Why not go to groups with thousands of people who already love feet instead of struggling to grow a page? Go to the source. Here are some groups I found: 

These groups are full of people who love feet and people who are sharing/selling feet pictures. 

Join a group and browse through it to get a feel for the vibe of the group. Make sure you read the group rules so you don’t get kicked out for your first post. 

For example, some groups won’t allow “for sale” posts. But, don’t let that discourage you. If you share your feet pictures and videos in the group, you are likely to get DMs from interested patrons. 

When you start getting people interested in buying your feet pictures from Facebook groups, you can then direct them to your website, OnlyFans, Patreon, etc. Or send them straight to CashApp and after payment deliver the photos via DM. 

How to sell feet pics on Twitter

Twitter is a really lucrative and popular platform for selling feet pics. As with Instagram, you need to create a branded account for your feet pics, and tweet feet pictures regularly with feet related hashtags. 

Do a search on twitter for feet and you will not only find lots of foot related hashtags and accounts, but many accounts claiming they buy feet pics as well. There is a huge market for buying and selling feet pics on Twitter, but it does take time and effort to grow a following. 

Grow a following on Twitter by tweeting and retweeting consistently – several times a day. The more often you tweet, the more likely people are to find you and your account. 

DM accounts who say they buy feet pics – if they’re legit, you’ll be able to sell them your feet pics and start making money with your own feet pictures pretty quickly. 

How to sell feet pictures on Reddit

Selling feet pictures on Reddit is a great way to sell feet pics anonymously. So… how to sell feet pics on Reddit? Create a foot account on Reddit and join subreddits dedicated to the love of feet. 

There are many foot lovers on Reddit. All you have to do is search “feet” and a huge list of subreddits will come up. 

The process is similar to any other place – when someone expresses an interest in your feet, invite them to DM you and begin the transaction from there or send them to your website, Patreon, etc. 

How to sell feet pics on other websites:

Apps and websites to sell feet pics - how to sell feet pics
  • Ebay. In my research, I have found people recommending to sell feet pics on Ebay and I found a few listings for them in my research. This can be a good method to try, but only after you’ve started promoting yourself in other places like the social media sites mentioned above. Learning how to sell feet pics on Ebay isn’t where I would start as a beginner.
  • Craigslist. If you want to learn how to sell feet pics on Craigslist, I don’t have great news for you. I’ve found many threads mentioning Craigslist as a place to sell feet pics, but I personally wouldn’t do it. From what I’ve learned, listings get deleted pretty quickly. It would also be a lot of work, and I don’t know about you but I feel like this is a good way to attract some pretty weird people. 
  • Etsy. I went on over to Etsy to see what the foot pic market looked like there, and I found a bunch of listings of feet pictures. On every seller account that I clicked, none of them seemed to be anyone’s favorite shop, and none of them had any sales – despite being on the platform for several months or years. For this reason, I don’t think learning how to sell feet pics Etsy is a good place to spend your time.. 
  • Discord. Discord started out as a voice and text chat for gamers, but is now home to many different communities in the form of chatrooms that are called “Servers”. You can find foot servers on Discord by searching Google for keywords like “feet discord”. Learn how to sell feet pics on Discord by observing how others are doing it in the different servers.
  • How to sell feet pics on Tinder or other dating apps: You may have some luck selling photos of your feet on dating apps like OkCupid and Tinder. I’ve read mixed reviews of this, but it might be worth a try. 

Apps to sell feet pics

There are a few apps you can use to try and sell feet pics on, and although I couldn’t find much about them, it’s worth listing here so you can make your own decision. 

  • Whisper. Whisper is an anonymous app where users post confessions, thoughts or whatever else they want to. You can advertise that you’re selling feet pics on Whisper app – I have seen it mentioned as an option, but can’t seem to find many success stories. 
  • Kik app. Kik is a mobile messaging application that you can use to instant message people and join public groups that are essentially chatrooms. With the search feature, you can search for public feet groups and join them, share your photos and start building clientele from there. 

How much to charge for feet pictures


How much to charge for feet pictures online is highly subjective and will depend on a few factors. Usually you will set your own rate for photos, but you may occasionally get requests from clients who make their own offers. You can earn more money if you get creative with how you package your photos. 

By bundling photosets you are able to charge more than you would for just one picture and it doesn’t require much extra work. If you do it right, your patrons will feel like they are getting a bargain and will often opt for the higher priced bundle as opposed to one photo. 

For example – say you are setting up your pricing and you choose to sell one picture for $15. You could then sell 2 photos for $20 or $25, which seems like a huge discount for buying extra. This is an easy way to increase your bottom line when selling feet pictures. 

Remember, the more popular your foot accounts are and the more in-demand you are, the more you can charge for your photos. While many people recommend starting off around $5 per photo, I would say charge more. I always say charge more!

Don’t sell yourself short. If you start out at $10 a photo and aren’t getting any sales, try lowering your price. It never hurts to try. 

To increase the amount you can make per customer, be kind to your loyal buyers. 

Repeat customers can make your life a whole lot easier, because you’ll spend less time promoting. Reward loyal customers with discounts on subsequent purchases. Giving recurring customers deals that you don’t offer to anyone else will surely keep them coming back for more. 

Selling pictures on your own website

Selling pictures on your own website is, in my opinion, one of the best ways out there to make money online selling feet pics. 

Once your website is set up and you have promotions going on social media platforms and forums, you will start to make sales even while you’re asleep. After the initial work is done to set it all up, this can be a semi-passive way of making money online.

Setting up a website can be done easily and cheaply thanks to platforms like WordPress and the help of drag-n-drop page builders and themes). Learn how to build a WordPress website on the cheap here. 

How to sell photos on your own website

Once your website is set up, there are a few ways you can go about selling pictures on it – and I suggest doing all of them. These methods are: 

Setting up a members area

With a membership area, you can charge buyers a recurring monthly fee in exchange for access to a locked content area. This can be full of all the feet pictures and videos you’ve ever taken, or you can pick and choose what you include in it. 

For best results selling pictures this way (and to keep your monthly subscribers) you should upload new content regularly. 

You can charge a decent price for this because, for the most part, subscribers are getting a sort of “all access pass” to your content. Let’s say you decided to charge $50 for your membership area. At that price point, you only need 20 subscribers to earn an extra $1000 per month.

If selling pictures by setting up a membership area on your website seems too difficult, you can always include a link on your site to a Patreon, OnlyFans or similar type of account. That way you still get the benefit of a monthly membership without having to worry about setting it up yourself – and the link can live on your website, which is the centralized location for all of your content.

Selling pictures and albums a la carte

For those who don’t want to pay a monthly recurring fee just to get access to your content, you can have a section on your website for selling pictures, photo albums and videos by themselves.

With this, you can set up themed albums and offer discounts for those who purchase bundles as opposed to single photos. 

This is also a great way to get customers warmed up to you. Some customers who purchase your single photos and packages will eventually return to you as members if the option is available. 

Taking special requests

It’s a good idea to have a contact form on your website (or an email address – make a new one, don’t use your personal) for potential buyers to contact you with custom requests. 

This is a way of serving your clients needs if the want something specific, but isn’t already offered. It’s also a way to maximize your earning potential, because you can charge extra for custom requests. 

Using your own website to sell feet pictures

If you do decide to build your own website and use any or all of these methods, you can then link your website in your bio on your social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter. 

You can send all potential clients to your website instead of dealing with them via DM – although you will still get requests through your inboxes. The best thing to do in that event is send them to your website, although it is up to you if you also want to sell through DM. 

The reason this method is so powerful is because it doesn’t require you to actively be in conversation with potential clients about selling pictures – you do the work once, and they can access it again and again. 

If selling feet pictures online is something you’re serious about, building a website for selling pictures can save you so much time and really maximize your earning potential in the long run. 

Tips on Selling Feet Pics

People sell feet pics to make money. In order to maximize your success in selling pictures of your feet, here are a few things to keep in mind: 

Protect Your Identity

It’s incredibly important to keep yourself safe online, and the best way you can do that is by being as anonymous as possible. By creating a new email address and feet-picture-specific accounts on social platforms, you are protecting your identity. Don’t give out personal information, don’t meet up with any of your clients unless you know them personally. It’s common sense stuff, but it’s important. 

Payment Methods

When researching payment methods, I came across a lot of reports of people having issues with sites like Paypal and Venmo to sell feet pics. I read reports of chargebacks on Paypal – with Paypal siding with the buyer and giving them their money back, because they frown upon this kind of business venture. Protect yourself financially when selling feet pictures by using something like CashApp, or a platform like Patreon or OnlyFans. 

Treat it Like a business

Selling feet pics is a business and it should be treated as such – especially if you want to be successful. And I don’t mean just not fraternizing with your clients, although that’s important, too. 

A business needs daily work and consistency to be effective. So, too, does your feet pic selling venture. Selling feet pics is a lot more than just taking photos of your feet and collecting money. Selling pictures IS a business.

You need to take good care of your feet obviously, but you also need to put the work in.

Contrary to what it might seem like at first, selling feet pics is more about promoting than it is about taking pictures of your feet. 

You need to work on building your audience and growing your platform, no matter what you decide to use as your primary method. 

There is honestly no one platform that’s better than another for selling pictures of your feet, it’s all going to be personal preference. All of them will require work, and you can be successful with all of them. 

Take payment up front

Always take payment up front, no matter what. If you send feet pics to a potential client before having them pay you, there is a good chance they will never pay you.

This is a part of treating this like a business – you will get all kinds of excuses and all kinds of requests to send photos before payment. Be strict and firm about this.

You will also encounter people sending screenshots verifying that they’ve paid you – these are easily forged. Be sure to check your payment app and verify that you have received payment before sending your photos. 

Watermark and Blur Photos

You will come across prospects who want a freebie or a preview of your feet pics before they commit to buying. If you have a social media account full of pictures of your feet, that is preview enough. 

Always watermark your photos by using a free image editor like Canva. 

If someone asks for a preview of your feet pics, you can also send them a photo that is slightly blurred out. You can also blur photos in Canva.
Never send a prospect a preview photo that isn’t protected or blurred out in some way, or you’re just essentially giving them free access – making them less likely to pay you. 

Study Popular Foot Models and Influencers

This is another aspect of treating this like a business. By learning what makes other foot models successful, you can use those practices to emulate in your own way. I would never recommend copying anyone outright – but by studying what’s working for other people, you will learn what will work for you. As the saying goes: don’t reinvent the wheel. Learn how to sell feet pics by learning how other people sell feet pics. Capisce?

Take good care of your feet

Lastly, this one seems common sense but it should be stated. If you really truly want to sell feet pics, take good care of your feet, people!

Professional Foot Modeling

If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to step into the realm of professional foot modeling, you can increase your earning potential by tens of thousands of dollars.

Professional foot models can earn from $500 to $2000 per hour!

Requirements for Foot Modeling

Professional foot modeling, although insanely lucrative, can be very hard to get into.

When modeling agencies are looking for foot models, they are looking for stereotypically beautiful feet. 

This means slender feet and long, slender toes. They are also looking for high arches, slender ankles, and legs, too. 

Blemishes, callouses, scars, and varicose veins can disqualify you from becoming a professional foot model. 

How to become a foot model

Being a foot model is about so much more than just having beautiful feet and showing up for photos.

If you think your feet have got what it takes for a professional modeling agency, it’s time to start treating them like it.

This means exfoliating and moisturizing constantly and avoiding any activities that may damage, blister or blemish your feet.

Many professional foot models wear shoes that are too big to minimize damage.

Acting with your feet

As I stated above, a professional foot model needs to do so much more than just pose and have photos taken. As a foot model, you have to be able to act with your feet.

What does this mean? Acting with your feet is the ability to convey emotion or tone through your feet and poses.

Creating a portfolio of modeling photos

Once you are ready, hire a professional photographer to take many different photos of your feet. Study popular foot models and the major brands that use them to get an idea of poses. You will use your portfolio as your foot modeling resume.

Find and apply to a local modeling agency

Apply to as many modeling agencies as you can find, and don’t take rejection too seriously.

Persistence and consistency are the key to success when it comes to any kind of modeling, foot modeling included.

Professional foot modeling is lucrative, but there isn’t always a ton of work for professional foot models. Applying and signing with many agencies will give you the best chances of success.

How to Sell Feet Pics TL;DR and FAQ


TL;DR stands for “too long; didn’t read”… so if you scrolled all the way down here hoping for a summary, you’re in luck. And if you’ve read this far, I applaud you. Here’s a quick FAQ on how to sell your feet pics:


How much money can you make selling feet pictures?

Anywhere from $5 to $500 per photo (or more) depending on how much work you want to put in. 

Where can I sell feet pictures to make money?

You can sell feet pics on social media platforms, forums, apps, and websites.

How much should I charge for my feet pictures?

Again, from $5 to $500 or more per photo or more, depending on how much work you want to put in, how many followers you have, and how in-demand you are. 

Putting your best foot forward

Puns aside, you should really put your best foot forward. By that I mean not only should you take great care of your feet, but you should also put effort into this if you want to be successful. 

That means taking the time to grow a following on your social platforms and forums. You should also be researching and learning more about the industry and how other people sell feet pics. Do competitor research to see what works well for other foot models so you can use those principles yourself. Treat it like a business. 

Selling feet pics is a viable way to make money online, but it’s not always instant. If you want to check out other ways to make money online, click here. 

Have you ever tried selling feet pics before? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments. 

Have a question about selling feet pics that wasn’t answered? Let me know below so I can add it!

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3 thoughts on “How To Sell Feet Pics – An Unusual Way To Make Money Online”

  1. Thank you so much for your thorough research, your article was extremely interesting and informative.
    I have started creating content on a Twitter account and took my photos with a borrowed SLR camera but I agree that it also comes down to setting, lighting and angles to get that killer photo!!
    There were so many avenues and opportunities I didnt even think to consider until reading your article. So again a big THANK YOU!!!

    1. Thanks, Athena! It’s a great idea to invest in great photography to set yourself apart and create high-quality content. Best of luck!

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