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Making money and traveling is what this website is named for, and it’s what it’s all about.

Here you’ll find information for making money remotely so you can travel, whether you do so in a van, RV, boat, or otherwise.

Want to find remote work? It’s here. Freelancing work? That’s covered, too. As well as virtual assistant resources, online business, blogging, and more!

Making Money While Traveling

Every single money-making idea on this website can be done remotely – meaning they all can be done while traveling. But, you can also do any of them from home, too!

Virtual Assistant Resources

Freelancing Resources

Remote Work Resources

Blogging Resources

Online Business Ideas and Resources

Unique Money Making Ideas

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Cannon Beach is one of my personal travel highlights

Carrie Fay


Hey! I’m Carrie, the brains behind this website. I’m a full time virtual assistant and blogger and have been fully location-independent since 2017. 

Making money on the road is easier than you think – and you’re in the right place to learn how to do it.

Stick around for tips on traveling, freelancing, entrepreneurship, and so much more!


Learn how to make money on the road as a virtual assistant!

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