The Sedona Vortex: A Seriously Amazing Energetic Phenomenon

By Carrie Wilder | Last Updated: June 13, 2024 

The Sedona Vortex: A Seriously Amazing Energetic Phenomenon

Sedona, Arizona has long been revered by many people as a sacred place because of it's energy vortexes. But what exactly is the Sedona Vortex?

Learn why Sedona is considered a sacred town full of consciousness-altering energy in this deep dive article.

What is a vortex in Sedona?

Vortexes in Sedona are said to be powerful energy centers on the earth. These energy centers can't be seen with your eyes, but are felt by many.

They are called vortexes because the energy is said to be swirling, like a whirlpool.

The energy emitted by the Sedona vortexes is subtle energy – a term often used by energy healers. Subtle energy is said to be good for spiritual awakening, healing, meditation, and much more.

The Sedona Energy vortexes are said to have a profound effect on human consciousness.

These energy centers are said to exist of either masculine energy, feminine energy, or a mixture of both.

Why Is Sedona Considered A Vortex?

In the 1970's, a psychic and proponent of New Age beliefs by the name of Page Bryant identified the spiritual energy vortexes of Sedona via channeling. But, Sedona's spiritual history goes much further back.

There are several different energy centers (aka spiritual vortexes) in and around the Sedona area. While there are 7 “main” vortex sites, some people say there are hundreds.

For this reason, the entire Sedona area is said to be one large vortex. It is said to be felt from miles away.

History of The Sedona Vortex

Psychic Page Bryant brought public awareness to the Sedona Vortex sites in the 70's. But, Sedona has long been revered as a spiritual place by Native Americans.

This area was and still is considered sacred ground by many Native American tribes. And, you can view ruins from many different civilizations when you visit the Sedona area.

Sedona was said to be used as ritual grounds for the tribes in the area. And, that they all revered it as a sacred place.

Sedona itself was named after the wife of the first postmaster in the area. Sedona spelled backwards is “anodes”. That fact is kind of crazy when you realize that an anode is a part of an electrical device where positive energy is discharged.

Can You Drive to Sedona Vortex?

There are several popular vortex sites in Sedona. Some, like the Airport Mesa vortex, can be driven to. But, you still have to walk a little bit if you want to get to the top. And, at the Airport Mesa Vortex, there are only about 5-10 parking spots that fill up very quickly.

Others you'll have to hike to! But if you're unable to hike, many can be viewed from a distance while driving by or a park. These include Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa, and Bell Rock.

What is the Easiest Vortex to get to in Sedona?

The easiest vortexes to get to in Sedona would have to be Bell Rock first and Airport Mesa second.

Bell rock has a larger parking area and a level walking path up to the rock formation. You can choose to climb up it, but you don't have to.

Airport Mesa has a small parking area for about 5-10 vehicles. Since this parking area fills up quickly, your other option would be to park on the top of the hill and hike about half a mile down to the vortex, and then climb up it.

What is the Most Powerful Vortex in Sedona?

The answer to this question is different depending on who you ask!

Some people will say Boynton Canyon, some will say Chapel of the Holy Cross, and some will say Bell or Cathedral Rock.

For me, personally, I felt the most transformative and calming energy at Cathedral Rock. And I didn't even hike to it! Just viewing it from a distance was all I needed.

For reference, I also hiked Airport Mesa, Boynton Canyon, visited the Chapel, and Bell Rock, yet my favorite was still Cathedral Rock.

What does Sedona Vortex Feel Like?

Some people experience dizziness, and some experience an energizing sensation throughout their body. Some individuals experience a profound sense of inner calm, and some people experience nothing.

This is a very individual experience, and the Sedona Vortex energy affects everyone differently. I should add that it is never in a negative way.

The effects of the Sedona vortex last long after you visit the area. Whether you can physically feel them or not, these subtle energies will bring healing to areas of your life that you didn't even know needed it.

There are around seven main vortex sites in Sedona. The psychic Page Bryant originally identified four, but that list is ever-growing. Some people claim there are hundreds.

You can find Sedona Vortex Maps online, information on popular hiking trail websites, or you can choose to take a guided tour from any number of local businesses.

Here are the four original and most popular Sedona Vortex sites:

Airport Mesa Vortex

The view from Airport Mesa

The Airport Mesa vortex is one of the top visited vortex sites because it is right in the middle of town. This vortex is a small peak on a hill up to the airport, and it's a great place to watch the sunrise or sunset.

From the Airport Mesa vortex you can view the town of Sedona, the village of Oak Creek, and you also have views of Bell Rock, Capital Butte, and many more stunning formations in the area. Whether you believe in the vortex energy or not, this is a must-visit place just for the views!

Cathedral Rock Vortex

Cathedral rock is a vortex site that you have to hike to, but you can also view it from afar. The Cathedral Rock is a stunning rock formation, and the hike to get to the saddle of it is a very strenuous hike.

If you're not feeling a hike, you can view this stunning rock formation from Crescent Moon Picnic Site. This little park is a great place to hang out, play in the water, have a snack, and take in the views.

Boynton Canyon Vortex

The Boynton Canyon vortex site is in a canyon that is accessible by hiking in. The hike into Boynton Canyon is beautiful and well-marked.

This hike in is a little over a half a mile to get to the vortex, and along the way you'll be greeted with stunning 360 degree views of the wilderness surrounding the area.

Bell Rock Vortex

Bell Rock Vortex is the easiest vortex site to see and get to, because it's right off of Highway 179 going through the Village of Oak Creek.

There are two parking lots for the Bell Rock Vortex – if you park in the north parking lot, it will be a shorter walk. The walk to the rock formation is well marked and level, and you don't have to climb the rock to experience the effects.

Things to Do in Sedona

There are many things to do in Sedona, whether you're visiting for the energetic phenomenon or simply visiting to explore the area.

There are over 300 miles of incredible hiking trails in and around Sedona, and lots of off-roading and camping opportunities, too!

Sedona is home to a wide range of spiritual retreats, a great shopping district, fantastic restaurants, and of course… more crystal shops than you'd believe.

This town is also an international dark sky community – so it's a great place for viewing the un-polluted night sky.

Sedona is a great place to travel to for a short vacation or extended stay.

Is the Sedona Energy Vortex Real or Imagined?

If you're naturally a skeptic, it's easy to assume the Sedona vortex energy isn't a real thing.

If you're a spiritual person or follow New Age beliefs, then the idea of Sedona probably intrigues you instantly!

There have been scientific and electromagnetic studies done on the region (and people visiting with EEG devices) that have confirmed varying outputs and inflows of magnetic energy.

Whether or not you believe in this kind of thing, it's no doubt that Sedona itself is indeed a magical place.

It's impossible to visit this town and view the stunning vistas without feeling moved – and whether or not that's because of the energy doesn't matter. Sedona is incredible.

Plus – when you get a town so chock full of psychics, hippies, and New Age believers all practicing their craft, it's bound to raise the frequency of the area and everyone who visits.

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