20 Unique Side Hustles For Women: Make $1,000 on the Side

By Carrie Wilder | Last Updated: May 15, 2024 

Looking for the best side hustles for women? Look no further. I've compiled a list of 20 of the best and most unique side hustles that can earn you upwards of $4k+ per month depending on how much time you have.

What's even better is that all of these side hustles are 100% beginner friendly.

You don't need any special knowledge, training, or degrees to do any of them. Just ambition and the desire to learn!

I've also included links to free resources so you can learn more about each side hustle that interests you.

If you're short on time, check out the table of contents below this paragraph to jump to the sections that interest you the most. Let's go!

20 Unique Side Hustles for Women to Make an Extra $1,000+ on the Side

Without further ado, here are the best side hustles for women (or any gender identity).

1. Become a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant and getting paid to do random tasks online is an amazing side hustle for women.

When I first started earning income online, I was working as a freelance virtual assistant.

So what exactly are they… and what do they do?

As a virtual assistant, you can perform over 200+ tasks for individuals, businesses, and companies.

Basically, busy people or businesses outsource smaller tasks to virtual assistants so they can focus on larger tasks in their business. Here are a few things you can do as a virtual assistant:

  • Email inbox management
  • Social media management
  • Responding to customer inquiries
  • File management
  • Appointment setting
  • Admin tasks
  • And so much more.

As a VA, you're able to choose the tasks you offer, your hours, and your rates. It's best to start with what you already know and love! Learn more about becoming a virtual assistant here. (This post also features a list of over 220+ service ideas to offer)

Or, if you're interested, check out my $18 online course: The Virtual Assistant Accelerator.

2. Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and profitable ways to make money online. And it's one of my favorite side hustles for women because of a few reasons.

  • It doesn't cost anything to start
  • The learning curve is minimal
  • You don't have to manage customers or products
  • The profit opportunities are unlimited

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement between a business and a person (you) – an affiliate marketer. The business pays the affiliate marketer for referring new customers and sales.

Here's an example of doing affiliate marketing as a beauty side hustle:

A person who loves makeup makes an Instagram account (or TikTok) for makeup looks. They post tutorials, look of the day posts, etc.

In their posts they also recommend their favorite beauty products. They link their affiliate link in their bio that leads to the store that sells the beauty products, like Ulta.

When someone buys from their link, Ulta pays them a commission. It's as simple as that.

Affiliate marketing is totally legit. In fact, it's one of the top 3 most profitable methods I use to make money from this website and it's a perfect way to make $30 a day or more.

If this sounds interesting, you can learn more in my post about affiliate marketing for beginners.

You can also check out The Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing eBook, where you’ll learn all about making money promoting affiliate products. It’s $1.99 and comes with a free audiobook version to listen to in the car, at the gym, or wherever.

3. Start a Proofreading Side Hustle

Are you the kind of person who always finds typos in books and web articles? Me too!

If this is you, this side hustle is going to sound really exciting. You can actually make an extra $1k+ per month with a proofreading side hustle.

All types of businesses hire proofreaders – written content is huge right now, and businesses need to hire a second eye to edit their articles, website content, and more.

You don't need any special skills or certifications to become a proofreader online. You can find these jobs through many online job boards, but it's always helpful to learn from those who have already done it.

Caitlin Pyle is an experienced proofreader who has coached thousands of people in starting successful proofreading side hustles.

She teaches a paid course, but she also has a really great free training you can check out if you just want to see if it's right for you.

It's a free Proofreading workshop that will teach you:

  • Whether or not proofreading is a good side hustle for you.
  • How proofreading can be your ticket to financial freedom and security.
  • Surprisingly easy ways to find proofreading clients.

You can check out the free workshop here – no strings attached.

4. Become a Bookkeeper to Make an Extra $4k per Month

If you love numbers, data, or organization, a bookkeeping side hustle might be perfect for you!

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need any certificates or degree to become a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers don't deal with money – accountants do. Bookkeepers just keep numbers organized – and that's where you come in!

Starting a bookkeeping business from home is a profitable side hustle – I know of several bookkeepers charging $75+ per hour.

If this sounds like it's right up your alley, check out this free bookkeeping workshop to see if it's right for you.

In the workshop you'll learn what bookkeepers actually do, what's required of you to start doing it, how much you can realistically earn as a bookkeeper, and finally: how much time is required.

5. Blogging is a Great Side Hustle for Women

I started this blog as a side hustle a few years ago because I wanted a place to showcase my writing skills and also an additional stream of income.

Today, this blog is one of my major income sources. It could easily be my only income source if I wanted to quit my other side hustles!

There are so many benefits to starting a blog besides the money-making aspect. Here are a few:

  • Starting a blog positions you as a knowledgable “expert” in your field.
  • Additionally, starting a blog can help land you clients if you want to work as a freelance writer, blogger, or digital marketer.
  • Starting a blog to showcase your virtual assistant work can also land you clients in other fields.
  • Blogging can make a LOT of money. Some bloggers earn $100k+ per month!
  • Being a blogger teaches you a lot about making money online. You'll learn marketing skills, writing skills, and much more… just by working on your hobby.
  • IT'S FUN! Especially if your blog is about a topic you love.

Blogs make money in many ways. My blog makes money through advertising, affiliate marketing, digital product sales, and online course sales. Here are the 8 main ways blogs make money.

If you want to learn how to start your own blog, check out my guide here.

6. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of my favorite side hustles for women, men, non-binary folks, and everyone inbetween.

In fact, I still make a large chunk of income from freelance writing today.

I love writing as a side hustle because you don't need to spend any money to learn how to do it and you don't need any credentials to land clients.

Plus, getting paid to write about your favorite things is so much fun!

Learn more about how to become a freelance writer with no experience here.

7. Fashion Side Hustle: Reselling Clothes

Here's another fashion and beauty side hustle: become a clothes reseller.

Apps like Mercari, Poshmark, ThredUp, and others have taken the world by storm in the past few years.

And thrift stores are more popular than ever before!

People today are more into slow fashion, choosing to do their part to help keep clothes out of landfills by selling and purchasing secondhand.

You can start by selling your unwanted clothing on an app like Poshmark. Once you make some money, head to the thrift store and get more inventory, rinse and repeat.

8. Start an Amazon FBA Side Hustle

FBA stands for “fulfilled by Amazon” and this is one of the best side hustles to start from home.

As an Amazon seller, you have access to millions of shoppers around the world and tons of great seller tools.

There are many ways to sell on Amazon. You can learn how to source items from warehouses to send to Amazon fulfillment centers to sell, or you can buy clearance items at your local department stores and sell them for a profit on Amazon.

It's all perfectly legal and is a great side hustle for introverts, women, stay at home moms, college students, and more.

Learn about starting an Amazon FBA business with little money here.

9. Love Vintage? Flip Secondhand Items

In recent years I've become obsessed with vintage eclectic decor. If you're like me and you have an eye for all things vintage or eclectic, a reselling side hustle would be perfect for you.

Flipping secondhand items is like reselling clothes. You find great products at thrift stores, flea markets, estate sales, Craigslist, or FB marketplace. You buy them, clean them up if needed, and sell them for a profit. Rinse and repeat!

It doesn't even have to be vintage, but that's a hot style right now.

10. Start a Print on Demand Side Hustle

Print on Demand or POD is a side hustle where you sell your designs printed on things like T-shirts, leggings, mugs, pillows, shoes, and more, without ever having to print it or touch inventory yourself.

The “on demand” part of print on demand is how this all works.

As a POD seller, you upload your designs to a website like Teespring or Printful.

Then, you select which items you want to sell the design on, and in which colors. The website allows you to preview your design and make edits to make sure they look great.

Once you choose your items, the platform will tell you the total cost to print the item and ship it. As the seller, you can choose the amount the item will sell to customers for. When you input your price, the platform will tell you how much profit you make for each item.

Once you go through this process, all that's left to do is promote your products with a special link given to you by the platform.

When a customer purchases the item, the company prints it, ships it to the customer, and sends you the profit. Easy as that.

Here's a great article by Shopify all about print on demand.

11. Sell Handmade Items

Feeling crafty?

Sell your handmade items on Etsy or Amazon Handmade!

If you're a crafter, chances are you already know about Etsy. But Amazon Handmade is an Etsy competitor that can get you access to even more customers on another platform.

Handmade goods can be profitable if you price them right, and they're one of the best side hustles for women who love making stuff but don't know what to do with it.

12. Start an Amazon KDP Side Hustle from Home

Amazon is a great place to start side hustles for women, and KDP is another banger.

KDP stands for “Kindle Direct Publishing” – with this side hustle, you become your own self-publisher.

You can sell books directly on the Amazon Kindle platform. And not just ebooks, either. KDP will actually print your books and ship them to your customer, too.

Pro tip: you don't even have to be an author or write your own book to sell on Amazon KDP.

You can outsource book writing on a platform like Fiverr, or you can sell “low content” or “no content” books like planners, notebooks, journals, etc.

13. Get Paid to Type

Getting paid to type is a real thing. I know because I've done it.

I've done a LOT of side hustles over the years. I spent a lot of time experimenting with many different things until I landed on something I loved.

One of the first side hustles I ever tried was transcription. I got paid to type out documents from audio clips, Youtube videos, and private court recordings.

This is a great side hustle for women with quick fingers, great hearing, and internet. You can apply to do transcription through Rev.com (where I got my start), but you can also find these gigs on Upwork or other freelancing websites.

If you want to learn more about getting started with transcription, check out this free transcription training.

14. Get Paid to Teach English Online

If you love kids, you might like to get paid to teach english online.

There are many programs you can sign up for to teach kids english online. VIPKid is a popular service where you sign up, teach kids in short lessons, and earn money. You set your own schedule and get to meet kids from around the world.

The only qualifications you need for VIPKid is to have a bachelors degree – it doesn't matter what it's in.

Check Out These Side Hustles for Introverts, Too

15. Get Paid to Tutor

If you love people and have a knack for explaining complex topics in simple and easy to understand ways, tutoring could be great for you.

You can tutor kids, teens, or adults in many different subjects, it just depends on what you're skilled in.

Websites where you can find tutoring jobs include:

  • Care.com
  • Tutor.com
  • Tutorextra.com
  • Skooli.com
  • Tutorme.com

16. Sell Photos Online

Getting paid to sell photos online sounds like a dream… but for many people, it's a reality.

You can get paid to sell photos online to stock photo websites, to individuals or businesses, or through your own website.

You can even get paid to sell feet pics – what a world we live in!

These days, phone cameras are better than ever. And many people are willing to purchase your pictures to use for their businesses, marketing materials, and more.

Or, if you're a fine art or travel photographer, you can get paid to sell prints of your work.

17. Start a Printables Side Hustle

This printable was made from a free template on Canva.com

Selling printables is one of the most underrated side hustles for women, men, theydies and gentlethems and everyone inbetween.

Printables are so popular… Have you ever been on Pinterest?!

If you're artsy, you can draw coloring pages on an iPad using ProCreate.

Or if you're not artsy, you can design free calendar, journal, and planner printables using a free design tool like Canva.

Then, upload your printables to a platform like Etsy or Creative Market and watch the money come in!

Selling printables is largely passive and can be a great side hustle to start from home.

18. Freelancing is a Great Side Hustle for Women

I talk a lot about freelancing on this website because being a freelance virtual assistant is how I really started making money online. I highly recommend it to anyone who is just starting out because the barrier to entry is so low.

You can work as a freelance writer, freelance social media manager, freelance community manager, video editor, podcast editor… the opportunities are literally unlimited.

I wrote an article called “What is Freelancing? And how to get Freelance Work” – I highly recommend the read if this sounds interesting to you.

19. Start a Delivery Side Hustle

We live in the world of the Gig Economy and there's never been a better time than now to start a delivery side hustle.

If you have a car and like to drive, getting paid to deliver packages, food, groceries and more is a great side hustle to do in your free time.

And companies like DoorDash, Postmates, and Amazon Flex make it easy!

20. Create an Online Course

This photo is from my online course, hosted on Teachable

Last but not least, if you're looking for a great side hustle online, consider selling a digital course.

I have a digital course called The Virtual Assistant Accelerator where I teach aspiring freelancers and VAs how to choose services to offer, get set up and get their first paying clients online.

This course took me a month or so to create, but now it sells on it's own. The only work I do for the course currently is make sure the information stays up to date and answer questions from my students.

You can sell an online course on Udemy, Teachable, Skillshare, or your own website.

Selling an online course is a great side hustle to make money passively.

Bonus: Learn How to Make Money From Your Passions

I'm one of those people who is always looking for new ways to make money online. And I like to seek out opportunities that involve the least amount of “work” possible!

As a result, I've tried a lot of different things. Some have flopped, but others haven't. And through all of my experimentation, I've learned a formula.

You can monetize literally anything – including your hobbies and passions.

Some people are adamantly against monetizing your hobbies, saying it will make your favorite things feel like “work”.

I'm of the other opinion – where monetizing my hobbies makes me excited. I get to do what I love PLUS make money from it. Say what?!

And I think monetizing your hobbies is one of the best side hustles for women or any gender identity. Here are the best ways to monetize something you love.

  • Create an online course teaching how to do your hobby, or how to do something related to your hobby (or passion or interest).
  • Create a blog where you write articles about your hobby. You can make money from ads and affiliate marketing.
  • Create a TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, and/or Instagram for your hobby. You can make money through brand sponsorships and affiliate marketing just for talking about your passions.

Each of these methods involves creating a platform (blog, YouTube channel, TikTok, IG account, etc), creating content about your passion, and making money through affiliate marketing, ads, and courses.

Wrapping Up: Best Unique Side Hustles for Women

The side hustle economy is here to stay, and I for one am loving it.

I've been working online since 2017 and I will never ever go back to a traditional job.

I get to set my own hours, set my own pay rates, and hang out at home or travel as much as I want. I can't imagine living life any other way!

Hopefully, the ideas here give you some hope and some inspiration to get out there and make your own side hustle dreams come true.

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