7 Best Fans for Van Life (Roof Top & Portable)

By Forrest McCall | Last Updated: June 14, 2024 

Looking for a fan for van life?

There are SOOOO many options out there, it can be easy to get overwhelmed!

In this guide, I'll show you the absolute best fan for van life so you can get on the road! Let's dive in!

Best Fans for Van Life

1. CAFRAMO Sirocco II Fan

SEEKR Sirocco II™ Fan from by Caframo. 12V/24V Auto-Sensing DC, Omnidirectional Low-Power…
  • 185 CFM on high (314 m³/hr), Current draw on low 0.06A (24V) and 0.12A (12V), Current draw on high 0.21A (24V) and 0.35A (12V).
  • Unique gimbaled design allows complete 360° airflow with ultra quiet operation (54dB on high).
  • Three speeds (1200, 1500, 1800 RPM), four auto-off timer settings (3, 6, 9, and 12 hours).

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This CAFRAMO Sirocco II Fan is an excellent choice for anyone needing efficient and quiet air circulation in their van life setup.


  • 360° directional airflow with a unique gimbaled design
  • Energy-efficient (0.35A on highest 12V setting) and ultra-quiet (54dB)
  • Three-speed settings and four auto-off timer options


  • Initially might feel cheaply made
  • Needs hard-wiring for installation (no plug)
  • Some users report lower-than-expected power

The first thing I noticed after installing the CAFRAMO Sirocco II Fan was the impressive 360° airflow. This feature, combined with the gimbaled design, made it easy to direct the airflow exactly where I needed it, enhancing my overall comfort in the van.

I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet this fan is, even on its highest setting. The gentle hum of the fan was not disturbing, and I appreciated the auto-off timer settings that allowed me to have a peaceful night's sleep without worrying about the fan running all night.

While initially, I was concerned about the seemingly cheap construction, I found that the performance outweighed this issue. The hard-wiring requirement might be a challenge for some, but I managed it without too much difficulty. Power-wise, it was sufficient for my needs, although others may prefer a stronger airflow. In summary, the CAFRAMO Sirocco II Fan offers an efficient, quiet, and versatile fan for van life enthusiasts, despite its minor drawbacks.

2. Maxxair 00-05100K MaxxFan Ventilation Fan with White Lid

Maxxair 00-05100K MaxxFan Ventillation Fan with White Lid and Manual Opening Keypad Control
  • Built-In rain cover provides full time protection, while fan is on or off
  • Use the fan while it's raining or when driving
  • Powerful 10 speed reversible fan with thermostat to control room temperature

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The Maxxair 00-05100K is a reliable choice for van lifers looking for efficient air circulation and easy installation in their mobile homes.


  • Efficient 10-speed fan with intake and exhaust functions
  • Comes with built-in rain shield and thermostat
  • Easy-to-remove insect screen for cleaning


  • A bit bulky in size
  • May encounter occasional technical issues (beeping)
  • Remote control version has been reported to have issues

When I first installed this vent fan in my van, I was impressed by its performance and the ease of operation. The 10-speed fan provided excellent air circulation, which was particularly helpful during long drives or when camping in hot weather. The built-in rain shield and thermostat were great added features that provided peace of mind when dealing with unexpected weather conditions.

One drawback I found was the fan's size; it was larger than I initially expected. However, it still fit comfortably in the standard 14-inch x 14-inch vent space. Another issue I encountered was occasional beeping, which could be bothersome. Despite these minor hiccups, I would still recommend the Maxxair 00-05100K to fellow van lifers looking for a versatile and reliable vent fan for their mobile homes.

3. REENUO Portable Camping Fan

REENUO Portable Camping Fan, Small Tent Fan with Hanging Hook, 40 Working Hours Rechargeable...
7,903 Reviews
REENUO Portable Camping Fan, Small Tent Fan with Hanging Hook, 40 Working Hours Rechargeable…
  • BRIGHTER & COOLER & QUIETER — REENUO camping fan built-in 12 LED blubs with 3 brightness, designed with 3 different wind speeds, and whose noise is…
  • WORKING LONGER — Built in a rechargeable 5000mAh battery, this battery operated fan can last for 5 – 34 hours working time depending on different speeds….
  • VERSATILE USAGE — With a built-in hook at the bottom, the small fan can be hung on tents and branches, inside a car, etc. It also can be placed on the…

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This REENUO camping fan is a must-have for van life enthusiasts who value cooling, lighting, portability and durability.


  • Three different wind speeds and quiet operation
  • Up to 34 hours of battery life depending on usage
  • Multi-functional design as a fan and camping lantern


  • Takes 3-4 hours to fully charge
  • Limited space for cooling
  • Not as powerful as larger fans

I recently took this REENUO portable camping fan on a van life adventure, and it became an indispensable part of my gear. The fan offered three different wind speeds that helped me remain cool during hot days, and the whisper-quiet operation made it a pleasure to use.

The built-in rechargeable 5000mAh battery ensured that I had a reliable source of cool air for up to 34 hours, depending on the wind speed setting. It also doubles as a camping lantern with adjustable brightness.

Although the fan takes 3-4 hours to charge, its versatility and multi-functional design more than make up for it. The hanging hook and compact size make it easy to hang or place in various locations. However, if you need powerful cooling for a larger area, you might want to consider a bigger fan.

In conclusion, the REENUO portable camping fan is an excellent addition to any van life setup, providing cooling, lighting, and convenience all in one remarkable package.

4. Odoland Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan

Odoland Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan – Hurricane Emergency
  • Camping Essentials: Portable fan combines tent fan and camping light. Lantern useful for lights up your tent. Fan circulate air enables to cool down…
  • Versatile light/fan: Ultra Bright 18 individual low powered LED bulbs. The fan has high and low settings to provide nice air circulation and lit up the…
  • Powerful camping fan speed and bright lighting: High quality brushless motor for whisper operation, max wind speed 10ft/s, strong airflow and 2 setting…

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I recommend the Odoland Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan for its versatility, efficiency, and practicality during van life and camping.


  • Powerful fan with two-speed settings
  • Bright LED lantern
  • Lightweight and portable design


  • Requires D batteries (not included)
  • Fan speed might be insufficient for some users
  • Mainly made of plastic

During my recent camping trip, I had the chance to try the Odoland Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan. It quickly became an essential item in my van due to its compact nature and multipurpose design. The high-quality brushless motor provided impressive fan speed, with two settings to choose from. The low setting lasted up to 15 hours, while the high setting had a runtime of 5 hours – perfect for a cooler and comfortable night in the van.

Equipped with 18 individual LED bulbs, the lantern surprisingly lit up my space efficiently. Collapsing the lantern when not in use made it easy to store without taking up much space in my van. I appreciated the overall sturdiness and ease of adapting it to different positions for my convenience.

However, I feel it's crucial to mention that the product relies on D batteries, which are not included, making it less eco-friendly compared to USB-rechargeable options. The mainly plastic build material might be concerning for those who worry about durability.

Overall, the Odoland Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan offers convenience and functionality and will significantly improve your van life or camping experience.

5. TriPole Portable Car Fan

TriPole Car Fan 12V / 24V Portable Auto Cooling Fan Dual Head Rotatable Vehicle Fan 3 Speeds…
  • 🌊Wide Application🌊🌊With a 12V / 24V universal cigarette lighter plug, our car fan is compatible with many kinds of auto models, such as SUV,…
  • 🌊Enjoy Fresh Air🌊🌊TriPole cooling fan has 3 adjustable speeds, it can produce powerful airflow to blow hot air out of your car quickly. If you…
  • 🌊Separate Control🌊🌊This auto fan designs dual fan heads, it can cool down the driver and passenger at the same time, more practical than single…

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This TriPole Portable Car Fan is a great choice for van life, providing efficient cooling and air circulation with dual fan heads.


  • Wide application – compatible with various vehicle types
  • Strong airflow with 3 adjustable speeds
  • Dual fan heads with separate controls


  • Mounting adhesive may not be reliable
  • Cannot be opened for cleaning
  • Not a replacement for air conditioning

I recently used the TriPole Car Fan in my van and found it to be an effective cooling solution for those hot days. The dual fan heads are great for providing targeted airflow to both driver and passenger seats, making everyone comfortable during our van life travels. The fan is quite powerful, with three adjustable speeds, so it was able to blow hot air out of the vehicle quickly.

Though the adhesive provided for mounting the fan wasn't very reliable, I fixed that issue by using Velcro instead. Another thing I noticed is that you can't open the fan for cleaning, which might be a concern for some users. However, the overall performance outweighs these minor drawbacks.

In conclusion, the TriPole Portable Car Fan is a handy addition to any van life setup, making those warm days more bearable. While it's not a replacement for air conditioning, it definitely helps improve air circulation and comfort within the vehicle.

6. Xasla 10000mAh Portable Clip on Fan

xasla 10000mAh Portable Clip on Fan, 8 inch Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan, 24 Hours Work…
  • Multi- Function Fan: The portable fan and the clip go hand in hand that certainly means you can position or hang the fan at any of your desirable places,…
  • Quick Recharge yet Long Lasting Battery: This battery fan comes along with a 10000 mAh battery. It has the potential to operate for an entire day with a…
  • Robust Airflow with Low Operational Noises: The operational noise ranges from 20 decibels to 40 decibels for the minimum and maximum wind speed mode…

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This versatile, powerful fan is a great choice for van life enthusiasts seeking a reliable cooling solution.


  • Long-lasting 10000mAh battery
  • Quiet operation with low noise
  • Highly adjustable and portable design


  • Not the most lightweight option
  • Charge time could be faster
  • Clip strength might not suit all surfaces

As a van life enthusiast, I recently purchased the Xasla 10000mAh Portable Clip on Fan and found it perfect for keeping me cool on the go. With its long-lasting battery, I was able to enjoy a powerful breeze for more than 24 hours after a full charge. This feature proved particularly useful during those long, hot summer nights.

Remarkably quiet, the fan's operational noise ranges from 20 to 40 decibels, allowing me to enjoy its cooling benefits without interrupting my sleep or daily activities. Plus, its compact size and 360° rotation make it easy to position wherever needed, ensuring maximum airflow coverage.

However, it's worth noting that this fan may not be the lightest option for some users, and the clip might not hold up well on certain surfaces. Also, I found that the 6-hour charge time may be slightly longer than I'd prefer. Overall, though, the Xasla 10000mAh Portable Clip on Fan delivers excellent cooling performance and is well-suited for van life cooling needs.

7. Zkidour Handheld Portable Fan

2024 Upgrade Handheld Portable Fan Longer Lasting Max 20Hrs Working Time, 4 Speeds Strong Wind…
  • 4 levels speeds strong wind: The handheld fan is powered by an efficient brushless motor with seven blades that consistently produce strong wind power. 4…
  • Multifunctional design: This pocket fan is specially designed, it is not only handheld fan, can be held in the hand at any time to use; It can also be…
  • Portable:The mini fan measures just L6.6*W3.1* H1.1 inches and weighs 4 oz. It is portable and easy to carry around in a purse or pocket. Whether you are…

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I highly recommend this Zkidour handheld portable fan for its efficient cooling and versatile design.


  • Adjustable 4-level speeds
  • Multifunctional design (handheld and desk fan)
  • Portable and lightweight


  • May not be powerful enough for larger areas
  • Mirror could be inconvenient for some users
  • Charging time varies with power sources

I recently used the Zkidour Handheld Portable Fan during my summer van life trip and it exceeded my expectations. It has four adjustable speeds that provided a refreshing breeze even on the hottest days. The design is multifunctional, allowing it to be used as a handheld or as a desk fan which came in handy during my stops for work and relaxation.

This portable fan is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around in my pocket or bag during outdoor activities. Its low noise design didn't disrupt my fellow travelers, making it suitable for shared spaces as well. However, for larger or more open spaces, the fan may not be powerful enough to provide adequate cooling.

Additionally, the fan comes with a rechargeable battery, which lasted up to 20 hours on a single charge. It is important to note that the charging time could vary depending on the power source. Overall, if you're looking for an efficient, versatile, and compact fan for van life, the Zkidour Handheld Portable Fan is an excellent choice.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Fan for Van Life

Fan Type

When it comes to choosing a fan for your camper van, there are several types to consider.

  • Roof Vents and Fans: These are fantastic for promoting a natural flow of air throughout the van. They pull hot air out and let cooler air in. If you're parked in a stealthy location or in rain, these can be particularly useful because they can be operated with windows and doors closed. Brands like MaxxAir and Fantastic Fan come highly recommended in the van community.
  • Oscillating Fans: These are great for directing airflow in specific directions. They might not be as powerful as roof vents but can make a huge difference, especially if you're stationary for extended periods.
  • USB or Battery Operated Fans: Perfect for those who are energy-conscious or don't have a significant power setup. They're portable, and some can be charged using solar energy.

If you can afford it, I recommend going with a roof fan as they offer maximum air flow. However, there are some great portable fans that will get the job done.

Noise Level

As someone who's experienced van life, trust me when I say noise can make or break your comfort. If you're parking in a quiet area, a loud fan can be particularly distracting and can even keep you awake at night.


Budget is always a consideration. From my experience, investing in a quality fan might cost more upfront but will save you in the long run. Here's my advice:

Final Thoughts

Overall, the best portable fan for van life is the CAFRAMO Sirocco II Fan. This is a fantastic fan for the price and works perfectly in your van.

If you're looking for a permanent vent fan, I recommend the Maxxair 00-05100K Ventilation Fan. This is a great roof vent fan that will keep your camper van cool.

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