The Casita Spirit Deluxe is a Dreamy Small Travel Trailer

By Carrie Wilder | Last Updated: June 14, 2024 

If you’re considering a Casita Spirit Deluxe travel trailer, you, my friend, are on a great path. 

There’s nothing I don’t love about these amazing fiberglass campers! 

They have everything you need, you can pull them with almost any vehicle, they’re so cute, and they last forever. 

This article has everything you need to know about the Casita Spirit Deluxe 17’ travel trailer. Short on time? Click through the table of contents below to jump right to the section you want to read the most. 

All images sourced directly through Casita Travel Trailers.

About Casita Travel Trailer Campers

Casita Travel Trailers are molded fiberglass campers that are beloved by RVers of many generations. These campers have an almost cult-like following because of their design and build quality. 

Casita campers are made out of two large pieces of marine-grade fiberglass: a top and a bottom. 

The molded pieces of fiberglass join in the middle of the camper, so there are no seams on the roof or sides other than the seam where it joins together. This construction makes Casita campers durable, high quality, and less prone to leaks than other types of RVs. This construction is also what makes them so insanely popular!

Casita has been around since the 1980s and the camper design really hasn’t changed much. This travel trailer company is a prime example of finding something that works well and sticking with it. 

Casita Spirit Deluxe Exterior

Who Owns Casita Travel Trailers?

Casita Travel Trailers is owned by Casita Enterprises, Inc. The company is family owned and operated.

 Timothy Lang, CEO of Casita Enterprises, told Business View Magazine: 

“Casita Enterprises was established in 1983 by my parents John and Connie Lang… When they started it, it was a much smaller operation… (with) less than 30 employees. They took every Casita model and they specifically designed it to make it as user-friendly and high quality as possible in order to give each and every customer the best experience that they could have.” 

Casita has been around for a few decades, and they really know what they’re doing. 

About the Casita Spirit Deluxe

A Casita Travel Trailer has been on my dream camper list for a couple years now, and if my fiancé and I had less pets, we’d be buying one in a heartbeat. 

The Casita Spirit Deluxe is the classic Casita experience!

This camper sleeps 3 people comfortably with a rear dinette that converts into a double bed and a single dinette on the side that can convert into a single bed. 

Side dinette folded down into a single bed

Many Casita Spirit Deluxe owners like to leave the rear dinette in bed position and use the single seating area to hang out and eat. 

The Casita Spirit Deluxe features a spacious wet bath with a toilet, sink, and shower. There is a kitchenette with a stove, sink, refrigerator, and cabinets for storage. 

The bathroom is complete with a toilet, sink, showerhead, and rooftop vent.

The Casita Spirit Deluxe wet bath

As you enter the camper, you’ll notice a spacious wardrobe closet to the right for storage, ample storage in the kitchen for food and dishes, and overhead cabinets along the entire interior for clothes and whatever else you may need. 

The Casita Spirit Deluxe has two propane tanks mounted on the front hitch and carries a spare tire on the rear. 

Casita Kitchen, Wardrobe Closet, and Bed Mode

You might be wondering: why is the Casita interior covered in carpet? The answer is multi-faceted! Carpeting on the walls and ceiling of the Casita helps to insulate the camper from heat, cold, and noise. It makes the interior feel cozy and homey, and it also eliminates condensation.

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How Tall is a Casita Spirit Deluxe? 

The Casita Spirit Deluxe has an overall height of 8’, 11”. This height is perfect to stand up in and it will still clear most low bridges. The interior height is 6’2”. The overall width of the camper is 6’8”. 

Spirit Deluxe model driver's side

How Long is a Casita?

New Casita travel trailers are 17’ in overall length. You can find a used Casita camper in 13’, 16’ and 17’ versions, but the company no longer manufactures new 16’ or 13’ models. 

How Much Does the Casita Spirit Deluxe Weigh? 

The Casita Spirit Deluxe has a dry weight of 2,480 pounds. Dry weight refers to the weight of the camper with nothing added. That means no cargo, no water, no waste water, nothing. 

The Casita Spirit Deluxe will weigh between 3,000 and 3,500 pounds when fully loaded with cargo and water. 

How Much Does a Casita Spirit Deluxe Cost? 

The base price for the 2022 Casita Spirit 17’ Deluxe starts at $25,694. This is the price for the base option with standard features included. If you want optional add-ons, they come at an additional price. 

You can contact the Casita Travel Trailer company to get a free custom Casita price list and a quote for building your own customized trailer. There is a lead time for ordering a custom Casita. If you want to order a custom trailer, you should be prepared to wait anywhere from 6 months to a year or longer!

Standard Features of the Casita Spirit Deluxe

Standard features of every Casita travel trailer include marine-grade fiberglass shell construction, large screened windows, 50 cubic feet or storage space, and more. 

The Spirit Deluxe has a potable on-board and city water hookup with water heater, a private wet-bath, a rooftop vent, rooftop air conditioner, and beautiful furniture throughout. There are two different color scheme choices for new Casitas: grey and white or the classic brown and cream. 

Optional Add-On Features

The optional add-on features are where the Casita travel trailer can really shine! 

You can choose to add a furnace, microwave oven, a wall-mounted TV, roller shades, and seafoam-green cushions on the interior. 

On the exterior, you can choose an aluminum-cased awning, a travel trailer cover, two different types of solar panels, a high-lift axle, aluminum alloy wheels, an outside shower, and more. 

Other popular upgrades include an electric tongue jack (yes please!) and an Andersen weight distribution hitch. Check out the full list of add-ons here. 

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Spirit Deluxe Floorplan

Image source: Casita Travel Trailers

What Comes with a Casita Spirit Deluxe? 

The Casita Spirit Deluxe comes with all standard Casita features. If you purchase your Casita from a dealership, they may include things like a basic sewer kit, a basic RV maintenance kit, or other new-RV related items. 

Typically, you can expect the standard Casita features like your roof-top AC, kitchenette, bathroom, comfortable and versatile dinette and bed cushions, and spare tire. 

Casita Camper Holding Tank Sizes

The standard fresh water tank size on a Casita camper is 16 gallons, but there are optional upgrades. 

Most newer Casita campers come with a 32 gallon gray tank and 15 gallon black tank. 

What Is The Difference Between Casita Standard and Casita Deluxe Travel Trailers?

The only difference between the Standard and Deluxe options is a major difference – it’s the bathroom! If you opt for a Standard Casita model, you lose out on the bathroom and the gray tank. In place of the bathroom is typically a bunk bed/couch. 

Also, on the Standard models, the rooftop AC is an add-on option. One Deluxe models, the bathroom and AC unit come standard. 

Casita travel trailers are so popular because of their superior construction. These RVs have a cult-like following for a reason! They are well built and last forever. There is ample storage, even for just a small space. 

Casita travel trailers aren’t as prone to leaks as other types of RVs. Since water damage is the main damaging factor of most older RV models on the market, Casitas really stand out.

Since they aren’t as prone to water damage and tend to last a long time, Casita travel trailers hold their value really well. 

Finally, these little travel trailers tow really nicely and are lightweight enough for most small trucks and SUVs. 

Casita Spirit Deluxe Interior in Day Mode

Are Casita Campers Any Good? 

Yes, Casita campers are awesome! There’s a reason they’re on my dream camper list. These campers are so cute and they’re built very well. 

For a small RV, Casita campers make excellent full-timing rigs, especially if you get the Deluxe model and upgrade your holding tanks. 

You can’t go wrong with a Casita camper. 

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Where to Find a Used Casita Spirit Deluxe For Sale

The Casita Spirit Deluxe is the most popular Casita model there is, so it can be difficult to find used models for sale. It seems like they’re snatched up almost as soon as they go on the market! 

For the best luck when looking for a used Casita camper for sale, you should look every day and through multiple outlets. 

The best places to look for a used Casita Spirit Deluxe is on RVTrader, RVT, and other online marketplaces. Be sure to check your local Facebook Marketplace Listings and Craigslist, too!

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Spirit Deluxe Video Tour

If You’re Looking for a Small Camper, the Spirit Deluxe is A Dream!

Before I met my fiance, my heart was set on getting a custom Casita camper after the pandemic winds down. I wanted to pull it with my campervan and have two mobile living spaces! But, now that we’re together (and have 4 pets), we’re looking at much bigger RVs. 

A Casita camper isn’t just my dream, though, this brand literally has a cult following in the RV world. Tens of thousands of RVers can’t be wrong! If you want a small RV trailer that’s perfect for weekends or full-timing, can be towed by just about any vehicle, and will last you forever, a Casita is it. 

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