How Much Does a Wolf Pup Camper Cost? Price, Reviews, & More

By Carrie Wilder | Last Updated: May 14, 2024 

The Wolf Pup camper by Forest River RV is one of the most popular travel trailers on the market today. These campers are lightweight, affordable, and have a great variety of floor plan options. 

These versatile campers are great for solo travelers, couples, and families on the go. With so many floor plans available, it begs the question: how much does a Wolf Pup camper cost?

The price of a Wolf Pup camper ranges between $15,500 to around $38,000 new, depending on the year and model. If you are in the market for a used Wolf Pup camper, the prices are considerably less.

Here are the prices for each Wolf Pup Camper model.

Wolf Pup Camper Price By Model

Forest River RV does not list MSRP on their website. These prices are averaged from various dealers around the United States. Models listed from least to most expensive. 

ModelLengthGVWRPrice (approx)
14CC19′ 3″3,900 lbs$15,500 – $17,000
16FQ21″ 6″3,944 lbs$16,900 – $18,900
16TS21′ 9″3,970 lbs$17,000 – $19,000
16BHS21′ 5″3,877 lbs$17,500 -$19,000
16HE22′ 6″3,920 lbs$17,800 – $19,500
16PF22′ 6″4,999 lbs$20,000 – $22,000
17JG23′ 4″4,999 lbs$21,000 – $22,000
18TO23′ 2″4,999 lbs$21,000 – $23,000
18RJB22′ 9″4,999 lbs$21,000 – $23,000

About the Wolf Pup Camper

Wolf Pup Camper Interior: 16FQ Model

The Wolf Pup Camper by Forest River is a well-known and well loved travel trailer because of its versatility, affordable pricing, and wide variety of floorplans.

From bunk models to toy haulers, there is a floor plan that will suit every camper, family, and adventurer. These RVs come in standard edition and an optional Black Label upgrade.

Wolf Pup Limited

Wolf Pup Black Label

The Black Label upgrade adds quite a steep price, but luxury amenities from luxury furniture and fixtures all the way down to the windows and wall materials. 

There are nine different floor plans to choose from with many different kinds of sleeping arrangements from convertible dinettes, queen beds, bunkhouses, sofa beds, and more. 

What Affects The Price of the Wolf Pup Camper?

Aside from the floor plan and year of the camper, there are a few other factors that go into the price of a Wolf Pup. Many great amenities come standard on the Wolf Pup campers, but optional upgrade packages will add more onto the cost of the camper. 

Other factors that play into the price of a camper is the dealership itself. Different dealers charge different prices to cover their own fees and special sale packages.

Additionally, the time of year and location where you purchase your camper also play into how much your RV ultimately costs. 

Standard Features on All Wolf Pup Travel Trailers

Here’s what you can expect to come standard with your Wolf Pup. Learn more on the Forest River website.

  • 13,500 BTU AC
  • 20,000 BTU Furnace
  • 6 Gallon Gas/Elec water heater
  • 12v High Efficiency, 11 cubic foot residential refrigerator
  • Power Awning
  • Exterior LED Light Strips
  • Flushmount Cooktop with Cover
  • Four stabilizer jacks
  • LED Interior lights
  • Outside shower
  • Seamless roof membrane with heat reflectivity
  • Tire Pressure monitors
  • and more

Options, Packages, and Additional Features

Aside from the standard options, you can choose from different package upgrades.

The Advantage package offers larger tires, a bigger door, roadside assistance, a large exterior folding handle, a monitor panel for battery and tank levels, and solar prep.

The camping package offers features like a 55amp converter, bathroom fan, high-rise faucet, high output microwave, nitrogen filled tires, and more. 

The Safety Package offers a carbon monoxide detector, GFI outlets, emergency exit windows, safety windows, smoke detector, and more.

Black Label Upgrade Features

Black Label Model 17FQ Shown

The Black Label Edition Upgrade adds a lot of cool features, but at a steeper price. Here’s what you get with this upgrade. If you want to see the brochure, here's the link.

  • Frameless Windows
  • Hands Free Baggage Door Catch
  • Solid Surface Countertops
  • Deep Stainless Steel Sinks
  • Residential Pullout Faucet
  • Pillowtop Mattress
  • Oversized Bunk Pads
  • Solid Wood Cabinet Doors
  • Designer Fabric
  • Gel Coated Fiberglass Exterior
  • Aluminum Rims
  • Power Tongue Jack

Used Wolf Pup Camper Price

The price of a used Wolf Pup camper is substantially lower than a new camper. RVs tend to depreciate pretty rapidly, so if you want to save money, buying used is a great option.

The major downsides to buying new are that you can’t customize the camper and you’ll have to deal with previous wear and tear. 

If you’re in the market for a used Wolf Pup camper, you can expect to pay anywhere between $10,000 to $25,000 or more depending on year and included upgrades.

How Long is A Wolf Pup Camper? 

These campers come in a range of different lengths. The shortest option available is the 14CC model at 19’ 3”, and the longest is the 17JG at 23’ 4”. There are nine models available in total in lengths that fall somewhere between these two models. 

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How Much Does the Wolf Pup Weigh?

Wolf Pup RV trailers vary in weight between 3,900 pounds and 4,999 pounds of GVWR (fully loaded with cargo and fluids). The lightest model is the 14CC and the heaviest models are the 16PF, 17JG, 18TO, and 18RGB, which all fall in the 4,999 pounds range.

Wolf Pup Camper Floor Plans

This travel trailer brand comes in nine different floor plans, including a toy hauler model. Here’s a brief description of each wolf pup camper floor plan. 


The 14CC model has a rear entry design with a convertible dinette and queen bed for sitting and sleeping.

This model has a separate toilet and shower and a kitchen with fridge, microwave, sink, and countertop. This is the smallest Wolf Pup camper model.


The 16FQ features the Cherokee Sleep System that allows you to turn your bed into a sofa for seating during the day.

This camper has a large kitchen with a convertible dinette opposite. There is a mini kitchen on the camper exterior. The bathroom on this camper is located in the rear, and this model has the standard side entry door. 


The Wolf Pup 16TS camper has a more residential feel to it, with the bathroom in it’s own room and the convertible dinette in the back.

This model has a queen bed with a mid kitchen and mid bath and side entry door. There is a mini kitchen on the exterior along with a TV mount and outside storage space. 

Wolf Pup Bunk House Model: 16BHS

wolf pup travel trailer floor plan 16BHS

The Wolf Pup 16BHS provides enough sleeping space for up to five people with a queen sized bed, a convertible dinette, and two bunk beds in the rear of the camper.

The toilet and shower are located in the rear opposite the bunk beds, and the dinette and kitchen are in the middle of the camper. This camper has an exterior mini kitchen, exterior storage, and an additional access door near the rear bunks. 


wolf pup camper floor plan 16HE

The 16HE Wolf Pup camper floor plan boasts a ton of storage space and extra seating than the previously mentioned models.

This camper has a rear kitchen with bathroom in the back corner, a mid living room with a convertible dinette and sofa, and a queen bed in the back. The exterior has a full sized power awning, exterior storage, and more.


wolf pup camper floor plan 16PF

The 16PF floor plan has a slide out offering a ton of extra floor space, but also accounts for the extra weight of this camper.

This floor plan has a u-shaped dinette, the Cherokee Sleep System that converts the queen sized bed into a sofa, and a dry bath with mid kitchen and rear pantry. 


wolf pup camper floor plan 17JG

Another Wolf Pup camper with a slide out, the 17JG floor plan is described as “the embodiment of the family camper” right on Forest Rivers website.

This camper has a convertible u-shaped dinette, two bunks in the rear, a mid kitchen, and a queen sized bed up front. 


wolf pup camper floor plan 18TO

This Wolf Pup camper floor plan features a full-sized slide out with a queen bed, jackknife sofa, convertible dinette, and hidden bunk.

This camper is great for families but also a great rig for couples. The 18TO has a tub and shower with a toilet in the back, a mid kitchen, and seating and the dinette along the slide out. 

Wolf Pup Camper Toy Hauler: 18RJB

wolf pup camper floor plan 18RJB

The 18RJB is a Wolf Pup camper toy hauler with a rear ramp and garage area.

When not being used as a toy hauler, there’s a removable dinette table in the back, a mid kitchen, mid bath, and queen sized bed. The cargo carrying capacity of this small toyo hauler is 1,564 pounds.

Is The Wolf Pup a Good Camper? 

The Cherokee Wolf Pup camper is one of the most popular travel trailers by Forest River because of the floor plan options and affordable price. But is the Wolf Pup a good camper in terms of quality? 

Objectively, the Wolf Pup camper line is a great selection of campers at a great price. For all the features and amenities that you get for the price, you can’t be too picky. But I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

The Wolf Pup camper comes with many awesome standard features like: 

  • 20kBTU furnace
  • High efficiency residential refrigerator
  • Stabilized steps
  • 13.5kBTU air conditioner
  • Power awnings 
  • Outside showers
  • Blackout glass
  • LED Lighting

And a lot more. Let’s take a look at what some real people have to say about the Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup Camper. 

Real Wolf Pup Camper Reviews

Here are some real Wolf Pup camper reviews pulled from around the internet. I don’t want to sugar coat real issues, but I also don’t want to highlight just negative experiences. Everyone has their own experience and their own opinions. Always take reviews with a grain of salt!

Reviews from RV Insider

Where to Find New and Used Wolf Pup Camper For Sale

The best place to look for finding new or used Wolf Pup campers for sale in your area are online RV marketplaces like RVT and RVTrader. 

These websites list private owners as well as all dealerships within whatever mile radius you set the filters to display. 

Use extreme caution when RV shopping on free marketplaces like Craigslist, Facebook, or eBay. I honestly wouldn’t recommend shopping on those marketplaces for an RV at all! 

Verified RV marketplaces charge a fee for dealers and RV sellers, so you know you won’t encounter scams. 

What is the Smallest Wolf Pup Camper? 

The smallest model is the 14CC. Here are the specs: 

  • Length: 19 feet, 3 inches
  • GVWR: 3,900 pounds
  • Height: 10 feet, 6 inches
  • Price: $15,500 – $17,000 (new)

THe 14CC has a lot of features in it’s small space. My favorite feature is the rear entry door. This is a unique entry spot and it enables the manufacturer to fit more stuff into the small space! The floor plan in this camper is pretty much exactly like the floor plan you see in truck campers, which is a very smart use of space.

There’s a separate toilet and shower, a kitchen, dinette, queen sized bed, and plenty of storage for such a small camper. Check out the video tour of this model here.

Is the Wolf Pup Camper Worth It? 

If you’re in the market for a small and affordable travel trailer, head out to the dealerships and check out the Wolf Pup camper lineup. These RVs are budget friendly and offer so many floor plans that you’re sure to find a model to suit you and your family’s needs.

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